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Page Title: Maintainability.
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3.6 Maintainability.
3.6.1 Maintainability.  The compressor shall operate as specified herein
without repair or maintenance other than the manufacturer's recommended normal
scheduled adjustments and servicing as established by a maintenance schedule
prepared and submitted by the contractor prior to test or corrective maintenance
actions.  All major assemblies shall be accessible for servicing, repair, and
replacement without the removal of other major assemblies.  Cover plates which
must be removed for component adjustment or repair shall be equipped with
quick-disconnect  fastenings.  All fasteners shall be of corrosion-resistant
material or shall be treated to be corrosion-resistant.  All screw threads shall
be in accordance with FED-STD-H28.  Self-tapping screws shall not be used.  Sizes
and types of hardware and fastening devices shall be held to a minimum.  Means
for drainage of lubricants, fuel, and condensate traps shall be in accessible
location and shall be accomplished without splashing on any component. All
maintenance, assembly, or disassembly operations shall be accomplished with
common tools, and special tools furnished with the compressor.
3.7 Performance.
3.7.1 Rated capacity.  The rated capacity of the compressor shall be 4 cfm of
free air at a delivery pressure of 3,500 psig under all conditions specified
The average capacity of any lot of 10 or more production compressors
shall be not less than 4 cfm where no individual compressor shall produce less
than 3.9 cfm or for computation purposes be credited for more than 4.2 cfm.
3.7.2 Tilted operation.  When tilted in any position at an angle of 15 degrees
from the horizontal, with the oil level in the engine and compressor on the "low"
or "add" mark when checked with unit on level surface the compressor shall
deliver the rated capacity for 30 minutes and shall not show evidence of leaks,
faulty lubrication, inadequate fuel supply or lubricant spillover.
3.7.3 Operational life.  The compressor shall operate as specified herein for
500 hours without overhaul, except that at the completion of 500 hours, air
delivery at 3,500 psig shall be not less than 3.60 cfm, nor less than 90 percent
of original delivery capacity, whichever is greater.
3.8 Pneumatic system.  The pneumatic system shall consist of a compressor
pump, valves, moisture separator, dehydrator, all necessary tubing and fittings,
receiver,  control panel, and servicing hose.
3.8.1 Compressor pump.  The compressor pump shall be air-cooled, recipro-
cating, and single acting with not less than three stages of compression. A
replaceable air intake filter with a nominal rating not exceeding 40 microns
shall be provided.  Intercoolers shall be provided between consecutive stages and
an aftercooler shall be provided at the outlet of the last stage, to remove the
heat of compression.  The aftercooler shall be designed to cool the air to a
temperature not greater than 30 F above ambient temperature.

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