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Page Title: Identification of materials and finishes.
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3.1 Description. The air compressor shall be of the commercial classification "garage type"
and shall consist of either an air-cooled piston compressor unit or air-oil cooled, rotary
compressor unit with an air reservoir, air hose and power unit.
3.2 First article. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), a sample shall be subjected to first
article inspection (see 4.3 and 6.2). Any changes or deviations of compressors from the
approved first article during production will be subject to the approval of the contracting officer.
Approval of the first article will not relieve the contractor of his obligation to furnish
compressors conforming to this specification.
3.3 Winterized first article. When winterized compressors are specified (see 3.25) in
addition to nonwinterized compressors, two first article models shall be furnished for
examination and test. One of these first article models shall be a nonwinterized compressor and
one shall be a winterized compressor.
3.4 Material. Material shall be as specified herein and on the drawings. Materials not
specified shall be selected by the contractor and shall be subject to all provisions of this
3.4.1 Material deterioration prevention and control. The compressors shall be fabricated
from compatible materials, inherently corrosion resistant or treated to provide protection against
the various forms of corrosion and deterioration that may be encountered in any of the applicable
operating and storage environments to which the compressors may be exposed.
3.4.2 Dissimilar metals. Dissimilar metals shall not be used in intimate contact with each
other unless protected against galvanic corrosion. Dissimilar metals and methods of protection
are defined and detailed in MIL-STD-889.
3.4.3 Identification of materials and finishes. The contractor shall identify the specific
material, material finish or treatment for use with component and subcomponent, and shall make
information available upon request to the contracting officer or designated representative.
3.5 Recovered materials. For the purpose of this requirement, recovered materials are those
materials which have been collected from solid waste and reprocessed to become a source of raw
materials, as distinguished from virgin raw materials. The components, pieces and parts
incorporated in the compressors may be newly fabricated from recovered materials to the
maximum extent practicable, provided the compressors produced meets all other requirements of
this specification. Used, rebuilt or remanufactured components, pieces and parts shall not be
incorporated in the compressors.
3.6 Operating temperatures. The compressors shall perform as specified herein in any
ambient temperature from 120 to -25 F for nonwinterized compressors; and from 120 to -50 F
for winterized compressors (see 3.25).
3.7 Safety and human factors engineering.

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