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MIL-C-52980B Size 25 cfm compressor. The engine shall be furnished with a 12-volt cranking and
battery charging system in accordance with MIL-STD-1410. The battery charging alternator
shall have a capacity of not less than 15 ampere capacity. A flywheel type alternator is
acceptable. A dry type air cleaner with a restriction indicator (to warn the operator when the air
cleaner requires servicing) shall be furnished in accordance with MIL-STD-1410. Standard
commercial batteries shall be furnished. The battery cables shall be colored black and labeled
"-" for negative and colored red and labeled "+" for positive in accordance with MIL-STD-1472
(see 3.7.2). A pictorial battery connection diagram shall be provided that is readable when the
batteries are being serviced.
3.26.3 Fuel tank. Except as specified in 3.25.6, a fuel tank with a capacity for not less than
4 hours of operation at rated load shall be provided. Construction and mounting shall be such
that vibration, tightening of the mounting devices, or contact with other components of the
engine or compressor will not cause leaks to develop. When a fuel tank of 10 gallon capacity or
more is furnished, a filler neck assembly conforming to MS35644 shall be provided and shall
incorporate a removable strainer, and have a chain secured filler cap and a fuel tank cap gasket.
When a fuel tank of less than 10 gallon capacity is furnished, the filler opening shall be a
minimum of 2.250 inches and shall incorporate a removable strainer and chain-secured filler cap.
The filler cap and chain shall be attached to the fuel tank by means other than welding or
brazing. The filler cap shall be a screw cap that will prevent fuel from leaking when the
compressor is tilted 15 degrees from the horizontal in any plane and when the handtruck-
mounted compressor is elevated for mobility. The tank shall be provided with an air vent and a
drain. The fuel tank shall be labeled "MOGAS ONLY" in letters 2 inches tall in accordance with
MIL-STD-1472, (see 3.7.2). A standpipe at least 1/4-inch above the bottom shall be
incorporated in the fuel tank outlet to prevent the entry of dirt and foreign matter into the system.
The tank and all lines shall be located or positioned to minimize fire hazard or damage resulting
from spilling, overflow, or drainage. Provision shall be made for connection to an auxiliary fuel
supply. The fuel tank shall be equipped with a fuel level measuring device.
3.26.4 Engine pulley. When a V-belt drive is used, the engine drive pulley shall be provided
with an inner hub which clamps to the shaft by moving axially along a taper in the outer hub.
The mechanical clamping shall be accomplished by the use of a screw member or members for
mounting and removal of the pulley.
3.26.5 Exhaust system. The muffler for the 1-1/2-hp engine will be furnished by the
Government as part of the engine. Two mufflers shall be furnished by the contractor for the
6-hp engine. The back pressure of the exhaust system, including mufflers, shall not exceed
8 inches of water at maximum horsepower output and speed under all operating conditions
specified herein. The exhaust manifold and mufflers shall be positioned so that exhaust gases
shall be directed away from the operator's position, fuel tank, compressor air intake, and any
other component or function that may be adversely affected by exhaust gases or heat and shall
remain at least 4 inches away from the fuel tank under all belt adjustments. The exhaust system
shall be protected against the entry of rain and shall include drainage provisions to prevent
accumulation of water and condensed vapors.

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