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Page Title: Inspection comparison
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MIL-C-52980B Capacity. Test each compressor for capacity in accordance with except that
each compressor shall be tested as a unit driven by its gasoline engine. Prior to testing, run-in
each compressor as prescribed by the contractor. Occurrence of one or more of the following
conditions shall constitute failure of this test:
a. Discharge air pressure less than 175 psig.
b. Discharge air temperature in excess of ambient temperature +100 F.
c. Free-air capacity less than that specified in table I.
4.6 Inspection comparison. The Government may select compressors at any time during the
contract production period and subject these compressors to the examination specified in 4.5.1
and tests specified in 4.5.2 to determine conformance to the requirements of this specification.
The inspection will be performed by the Government, at a site selected by the Government, on
units selected at random from those which have been accepted by the Government and will not
include the previously inspected first article model compressors. In addition to any test specified
as part of the inspection comparison, the Government reserves the right to conduct any and all
other tests contained in this specification as part of the inspection comparison, and failure of such
additional tests shall have the same effect as failure of those tests specified as inspection
4.6.1 Inspection failure. Failure of an inspection comparison compressor to meet any
requirement specified herein during and as a result of the examination and tests specified in 4.6
shall be cause for rejection of the inspection comparison compressor(s) and shall be cause for
refusal by the Government to continue acceptance of production compressors until evidence has
been provided by the contractor that corrective action has been taken to eliminate the
deficiencies. Correction of such deficiencies shall be accomplished by the contractor at no cost
to the Government on compressors previously accepted and produced under the contract. Any
deficiencies found as a result of the inspection comparison will be considered prima facie
evidence that all compressors accepted prior to the completion of inspection comparison are
similarly deficient unless evidence to the contrary is furnished by the contractor and such
evidence is acceptable to the contracting officer.
4.7 Inspection of packaging. The preservation, packing, and marking shall be examined and
tested to determine compliance with the quality assurance provisions of MIL-C-3600 except the
AQL shall be 1.0 percent. The preservation, packing and marking shall be examined to
determine compliance with the requirements specified in section 5.
5.1 Preservation. Preservation shall be level A, B, or C as specified (see 6.2).

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