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MIL-C-70489(AR)  Computer  program.  elect
submit  to  the  procuring
activity, one complete fire missions for each mortar family (i.e.,
60mm, 8hm/ etc.). Each fire mission shall include as a minimum,
but is not limited to, forward observer locations, metrology data,
fire zones, no-fire zones, and ammunition data. Enter all the
fire missions into the MBC and run the missions. Verify that the
computed fire data is correct. FSK Frequencies. Attach the MBC to a signal source.
Verify the MBC can receive the frequencies specified in
Measure the frequencies being output by the MBC when "marks" and
"spaces" are being transmitted. The transmitted frequencies shall
be as specified in Data rate. Attach the MBC toa signal source.
Measure the rate at which the MBC receives and transmits
messages. The MBC shall meet the requirements of Built-in-Test (BIT).  Connect unit under test to
plus 28 volt dc power. Pressing the ON\OFF then the TEST keys
shall cause the MBC to display the current version of the
software. Verify the software revision is in accordance with
ordering data (See 6). After pressing the SEQ key, the MBC shall
display 4 selectable tests that may be implemented by pressing the
display select switch located directly below the desired test.
Select the MCR test. The MCR test shall test the RAM EPROM on the
memory and the display\processor circuit card assemblies.  The MBC
shall display TESTING MICR' during the test. Verify 'MICR:PASS'
appears after MCR test. Depress the REVIEW key. The test menu
will reappear. Select the SW test The SW test shall prompt the
user to press the key displayed by the MBC.  After all the keys
have been tested, the MBC shall display `END OF TEST' and then
"READY". By pressing the SEQ key, the MBC shall sequence thru and
display characters in each position of the display. The last
display shall also blink the MSG and SEQ LED's. Examine the
display characters for defects. Depress the REVIEW key. Select
the MOD test. The MOD test shall test both the modem and audio
interface circuit card assemblies. The MBC shall display 'TESTING
MODEM' during the test Verify "MODEM:PASS' appears after the test.
4.6.4  Immersion.  Conduct the immersion test with the MBC
positioned in an appropriate adapter affixed to the immersion
tank. The temperature of the water shall be 18c plus or minus
5C (64F plus or minus 9F). Immediately prior to
immersing the MBC, open and close the covers three times each.
Immerse the MBC to a depth as specified in 3.3.5. The MBC shall
remain immersed for a period as specified in 3.3.5. Upon
completion of the immersion period, remove the MBC from the water
and wipe the exterior surfaces of the MBC dry.  Subject the MBC to
all the tests in 4.6.3. It shall meet the requirements of
and inclusive. Open the MBC and examine the interior and
contents for evidence of leakage. It shall meet the requirements
of 3.3.5.

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