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Page Title: Inspection equipment design requirements.
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MIL-C-70942 (AR)
Inspection" specified in 4.7 of this specification and with the
component inspection procedures specified in "Examination" and
"Test Facilities" requirements of MIL-F-13926 whenever Government
designs are not specified (see .  Since tolerance of test
equipment is normally considered to be within 10 percent of the
product tolerance for which it is intended, this inherent error
in the test equipment design must be considered as part of the
prescribed product tolerance limit.  Thus , concept, construction,
materials, dimensions, and tolerances used in the design of test
equipment will reliably  indicate acceptability of a product
which does not exceed 90 percent of the prescribed tolerance
limit and permit positive rejection when non-conforming.
Construction shall be such as to facilitate routine calibration
of test equipment.  Contractor inspection equipment designs shall
be submitted-for approval in accordance with 6 .4. Inspection equipment design requirements. Temperature testinq.  The volume of the test
chamber shall conform to the test facilities requirements of
MIL-F-13926.  The air temperature at the control sensor shall be
in accordance with the specified requirements within plus or
minus 2.5 degrees F (1.4 degrees C) .  The temperature-gradient
across the cross-sectional area occupied by the test item shall
not exceed 0.5 degrees F' per foot in any direction.  The heat
source of the test chamber shall be so located that radiant heat,
if used, will not fall directly on the test item.  Thermocouples
or equivalent temperature sensors utilized to determine or
control the specified chamber temperature shall be  centrally
located within the test chamber within the supply airstream, or
in the return airstream, whichever provides the specified test
condition at the item under test and shall be baffled or
otherwise protected against radiation effects. Fabrication, setup and calibration.  Design and
fabrication of test equipment shall be such that it incorporates
the features of rigidity, stability, and ease of maintenance.
Setup and calibration equipment necessary for certification of
the testing equipment accuracy shall be furnished and will become
a part of the testing equipment.  Operating and calibration
instruction  shall be prepared and submitted to the procuring
4.7 Methods of inspection.  Unless otherwise specified in
the contract, the following procedures shall be utilized to
conduct specified tests.  If the contractor chooses to use
alternate test procedures, a detailed description of the set-up
and procedure shall be submitted to the government procuring
agency for approval prior to use.

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