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Page Title: Packaging examination and testing
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Using the test method specified in 4.6.32. After completion of the
test and the weapon systems are reassembled, each system shall be sub-
jetted to the testing specified in Failure of any reassembled
system to meet the requirements (see 3.5) shall be cause for rejections
4.5.3 Packaging examination and testing. Unless otherwise spec-
ified (see 6.2), the packaging examination and testing shall be in
accordance with MIL-P-14232.
4.5.4 Inspection equipment. Acquisition, maintenance and disposition. Unless otherwise
specified in the contract (see 5.2), responsibility for acquisition,
calibration, maintenance and disposition Of acceptance inspection and
test equipment prescribed on QE-G-DL12007503, and for all other inspec-
tion equipment required by applicable specifications, shall be in accor-
dance with MIL-I-45607. Accuracy of standard measuring equipment. When commercial
and modified commercial inspection and test equipment is used it must be
capable of repetitive measurements to an accuracy of 10% of the total
tolerance of the characteristics being inspected.
4.6 Test methods.
4.6.1 Warm-up test. The weapon system shall warm-up to permit
operation in the test} radart manual, external and ground modes to
determine compliance with 3.3.1.
4.6.2 Test mode test.  The weapon system shall be operated in the
test mode. A simulated problem shall be presented to the sight current
generator and correctly solved, as indicated by the lighting of the GOOD
TEST light to determine compliance with
4.6.3 Radar mode test.  The weapon system shall be operated in the
radar mode. The rdar and lead computing feature of the sight shall be
operating; the radar shall be supplying range data to the weapon system;
and the gun mount shall rotate and track the target. The READY-TO-FIRE
indicator lamp (located on the sight) shall light, to determine com-
pliance with After release of the trigger switch, action switch
and the radar radiate foot switch, the weapon system shall return to the
standby condition.
4.6.4 Manual mode test.  The weapon system shall be operated in the
manual mode. The RANGE and TARGET SPEED controls shall be set at estimated
values. The sight gyro shall be electrically caged in accordance with
MIL-s-60661 by depressing the sight cage button during turret slew. When
the target is acquired in the sight reticle

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