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Page Title: Ammunition feed system test
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4.6.I.9 Ammunition feed system test. During the tests of 4.6.18,
the feed chute; link chute; feeder assembly, and case chute components
and system operation shall be inspected for smooth transition of ammu-
nition in compliance with 3.3.16 and 3.3.17.
4.6.20 Azimuth indicator test.  The azimuth indicator assembly shall
be visually and manually inspected for secure and correct mounting, for
free rotation of the dial from O through 64 in a clockwise direction and
free rotation in a counter-clockwise direction to determine compliance
with 3.3.18. Using system power and hand controls, position the turret to
a definite deference point and set the azimuth indicator to 64 on the
dial. Slew turret and position at 90 from reference. Continue rotation
and reposition on reference point.  Compare turret position and indicator
readings for accuracy of one half sector on the dial. Repeat the test
by rotating turret in opposite direction.
4.6.21 Clearing test. Gun clear switch test.  The weapon system shall be fired.
The gun shall automatically clear when the GUN CLEAR switch on the
control assembly is placed in the AUTO position. When the GUN CLEAR
switch is placed in the OPERATOR position, the gun shall clear by pressing.
the action switch and actuating the feeder declutching solenoid to
determine compliance with Brake-clear and brake switch test. The weapon system
shall be checked for proper operation with the BRAKE-CLEAR AND BRAKE
switch in each position to determine compliance with Dummy
cartridges shall be used to check for proper gun and declutching feeder
operation while the power system is on. Placing the switch in BRAKE
position shall allow the gun drive motor to release and dummy rounds to
be cycled through the gun by manually rotating the gun barrel cluster.
Placing the switch in the BRAKE-CLEAR position shall allow the gun drive
motor brake to release and energize the declutching feeder solenoid,
preventing the rounds from being fed through the gun. When the switch
is in center OFF position, the brake shall prevent the gun barrel cluster
from being manually rotated.
4.6.22 Safety travel lock test. The mount shall. be tested for
compliance with 3.3.20.
4.6.23 Remote safety switch test.  The arming connector shall be
disconnected at the distribution box and an attempt shall be made to
fire the gun. The gin shall not fire. The remote safety switch shall
be connected to the distribution box and an attempt shall be made to fire
the gun. The gun shall not fire with the remote safety switch open, but
shall fire with it closed in compliance with 3.3.21.

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