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Page Title: Charging handle
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3.2.8 Charging handle. the charging handle shall be capable of
assembly to, and disassembly from, the slide without the use of tools.
The charging handle plunger shall snap into and lock the charging
handle assembly to the slide.
3.2.9 Ejector.  The ejector shall be securely attached to the bolt
lock and shall eject cartridge cases.
3.2.10 Extractor. The extractor shall be retained in the bottom
of its seat in the bolt by its spring and plunger. The extractor
plunger shall be retained by the spring pin. The extractor shall func-
tion without binding under spring action through its full range of
travel, shall extract cartridge cases, and shall return to its seated
position after cartridge ejection.
3.2.11 Firing mechanism assembly. The firing mechanism assembly
shall engage the retaining pin and shall be securely attached to the
receiver with the front and the rear housing pins. The sear shall hold
the hammer in the cocked position and when the firing rod is pulled, the
sear shall release the hammer before the sear is disengaged from the
sear release. When the hammer is released from the sear, the hamner
spring shall rotate the hammer forward and shall hold the hammer against
the stop bushings. The hammer spring shall return the sear to the full
forward position when the hammer is held so that its face is at approx-
imately 90 degrees from the top of the firing mechanism housing. When
the hammer is returned for reengagement with the sear by the recoil
action of the bolt, the hammer shall be engaged and held by the sear
with or without the firing rod retracted.
3.2.12 Firing pin.  The firing pin shall move through its full
range of travel without binding.  The striker point shall be free of
lines that may induce fatigue fractures.
3.2.13 Firing in retractor.  The firing pin retractor shall move
through its full range of travel without binding and shall cam,and hold
the firing pin to the rear of the bolt face until the bolt and slide are
in firing position.
3.2.14 Gas cylinder.  The gas cylinder shall be securely retained
in the gas cylinder body.  The gas port of the gas cylinder body, the
barrel, and the gas cylinder shall be in alinement.
3.2.15  Gas cylinder body. The gas cylinder body shall be securely
attached to the barrel.

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