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Page Title: Fungus proof materials
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MIL-G-81065A(OS) Fungus proof materials.  Materials that are nutrients for
fungi shall not be used where it is practical to avoid them. Where used
and not hermetically sealed, they shall be treated with a fungicidal
agent acceptable to the procuring activity. Metals.  All metals used in the assembly shall be corrosion
resistant or shall be adequately protected to resist corrosion during
normal service and storage life of the assembly.  Aluminum surfaces
shall be anodized in accordance with MIL-A-8625, Type I or II as appli-
cable, dyed black.
3.2.2 Gages.  The supplier shall provide whatever gages are necessary
and adequate to ensure that the material and parts of the gyro-pendulum
will meet dimensions and requirements shown on the applicable documents.
When requested by the supplier, the procuring activity will furnish
existing pertinent drawings of Naval final inspection gages for use only
in the designing of the supplier's gages. This action does not relieve
the supplier of the responsibility for designing and manufacturing the
gages needed for the satisfactory fulfillment of the contract requirements.
3.2.3 Inspections and test equipment and facilities. The supplier shall
furnish and maintain all necessary inspection and test equipment and
facilities, and shall provide personnel for performing ail acceptance tests
specified herein.  The test equipment shall be adequate to permit perform-
ance of the required acceptance tests for the gyro-pendulum.
3.2.4 Threads.  Unless otherwise specified, all. threads shall be in
accordance with National Bureau of Standard Handbook H28.
3.2.5 Dissimilar metals.  Unless suitably protected against electro-
lytic corrosion, dissimilar metals' shall not be used in contact with each
other.  Dissimilar metals are defined in Standard MS33586.
3.2.6 Safetying.  Unless otherwise specified, all threaded parts shall
be safetied to withstand all environmental conditions specified herein.
3.2.7 Interchangeability.  All parts or subassemblies having the same
manufacturer's part number shall be directly and completely interchangeable
with respect to installation and performance.
3.2.8 Soldering. All electrical solder connections external to the gyros
and pendulums shall be made in accordance with MIL-STD-440. Where neces-
sary, a heat-sink shall be used to prevent deterioration of a component.
3.2.9 Parts list.  Each supplier shall provide a parts list and repair
instructions with each gyro-pendulum furnished.
3.3 Performance and product characteristics
3.3.1 Physical characteristics.  The gyro-pendulum assembly shall conform
to the physical requirements delineated in the applicable documents listed
on Dwg 2089913.

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