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Page Title: Physical characteristics.
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the firing barrel chamber or in the firing barrel bolt assembly. The gun system
shall automatically clear after each firing burst. However, the ability of the
gun to fire a subsequent burst shall not be delayed until the clearing cycle is
complete. The 45 rounds fired in the first second requirement may not be met in
this mode. Live rounds shall not be ejected to achieve clearing. The gun, as a
component of the gun system shall be capable of reverse rotational clearing. The
gun system, after loading, shall be in a safe cleared condition. Burst firing schedule. The gun system normal burst firing
schedule, defined as a burst cycle, shall consist of a continuous burst of at
least 1 second, followed by 5 minutes of static ambient cooling. The burst cycle
is repeated until the complement of ammunition is exhausted. Extended burst firing.  The gun system shall be capable of firing a
minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition in a single burst without destructive damage
to the gun system or surrounding structure. Recoil forces. The gun system shall reduce recoil forces to a
minimum level compatible with the existing aircraft gun pak attachment points.
Gun pak recoil forces shall be reacted into the aircraft through the forward pak
mounted lugs at station 318.88. Muzzle blast pressure. There shall be no evidence of structural
damage to the aircraft fuselage due to muzzle blast when the gun pak is installed
on the ircraft. Muzzle blast pressure may be reduced by a muzzle device
attached to the gun barrels, or built into the gun pak nose structure of a
conbination of the two methods. The muzzle blast reduction devices shall cause
the muzzle gas force vector to pass through the nominal aircraft center of
gravity. Gun system performance envelope. The gun system shall perform as
specified herein when subjected to the AV-8 flight strength envelope of Figure 3. Bleed air power. The gun shall operate when supplied by aircraft
engine bleed air from the engines eighth stage bleed port at pressures and
temperatures shown in Figure 4. The gun system shall perform as specified herein
whenever bleed air pressure at the engine port equals or exceeds 60 pounds per
square inch gage and a minimum of 5.0 cubic feet per second.
3.2.2 Physical characteristics. Mass.  The gun system, including 150 kilograms (kg) (330 lb) of load
ammunition, shall not greater than 567 kg (1250 lb). The gun, aS a component
of the gun system shall be not greater than 127.3 kg (280 lb) mass. Gun system envelope dimensions. When installed on the aircraft,
the gun pak and ammunition pak shall have the same opposite hand aerodynamic
shape, with installation symmetry about the aircraft centerline. The gun shall
be positioned such that the nominal projectile velocity vector is 2 degrees nose
down from an aircraft water line and in an aircraft butt plane. Boresight. The gun system shall be installed in a boresight
position with no adjustment provided.

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