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Page Title: Electromagnetic environmental effects
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c. Reclaimed materials shall be used to the maximum extent possible. Electrical wiring. The gun system shall be wired in accordance with
MIL-W-5088 and installed in accordance with MIL-E-7080. Electrical wire shall be
in accordance with MIL-W-81381, Screw threads. Screw threads shall be in accordance with FED-STD-
H28. Metric Screw threads shall be in accordance with 3.4.2.
3.3.2 Electromagnetic environmental effects (E ). The E compatibility
program shall ensure control of radiated and conducted emissions, and radiated
conducted susceptibility in the earliest design stages of the system design and
equipment development. Contractor furnished equipment shall be designed to meet
the limits of MIL-STD-461B, when tested to the methods of MIL-STD-462. The gun
system shall be designed to facilitate the aircraft meeting the requirements of
MIL-E-6051D. The contractor shall establish an electromagnetic compatibility
program in conformity with MIL-E-6051D, AR-43. Bonding and lightning protection
shall be in accordance with MIL-B-5087 (see 6.2), Guidance for establishing an-
effective E program throughout the life cycle of the system should be in con
formity with MIL-HDBK-237A.
3.3.3 Identification and marking. The gun system shall be identified and
marked in accordance with MIL-STD-130 and the applicable drawings.
3.3.4 Interchangeability. The components of the gun system shall be com-
pletely interchangeable without field adjustment. All parts having the same part
numbers shall be completely interchangeable in accordance with MIL-I-8500.
3.3.5 Safety. Provisions shall be made in the design to assure safety for
personnel and equipment during all phases of operations, including storage,
transportation, handling, test operations, and checkout. System safety
engineering and management activities shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-882. Gun system clearing. The gun system shall contain positive safety
clearing features to assure that the gun is in a safe condition to prevent
ammunition cookoff between bursts (see By visual means it shall be
possible to determine that the gun is in a cleared condition. Round control. The gun system shall maintain positive control of
the ammunition. Smooth acceleration and deceleration of the ammunition is
necessary to reduce handling loads during the cycles of operation. Case control. Fired cases and misfired rounds shall be kept in the
gun system and in full control. Induced voltage. There shall be no induced voltage in the gun
system at any time which could energize the firing circuits and accidentally fire
ammunition. Safety during maintenance. Positive means shall be provided to
preclude inadverent gun system starting or firing of the percussion primed
ammunition during loading, unloading or maintenance operations. The gun shall
have a positive means to prevent the firing pin from touching the primer during
all possible ground maintenance actions. Safety during maintenance shall include

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