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Page Title: Acceptance and rejection criteria
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the Naval Sea Systems Command SEA 51222, Department of the Navy, Washington, DC 20362-
5101 and information pertaining to qualification of products may be obtained from that activity.
Application for qualification tests shall be made in accordance with Provisions Governing
Qualification SD-6" (see 6.5.1).
6.5.1 Copies of "Provisions Governing Qualification SD-6" may be obtained upon application
to Commanding Officer, Naval Publications and Forms Center, Standardization Document Order
Desk Building 4D, 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094.
6.6 First article. When first article inspection is required, the contracting officer should
provide specific guidance to offerors whether the item(s) should be a preproduction sample, a first
article sample, a first production item, a sample selected from the first production items, a standard
production item from the contractor's current inventory (see 3.1.2), and the number of items to be
tested as specified in 4.4. The contracting officer should also include specific instructions in
acquisition documents regarding arrangements for examinations, approval of first article test results,
and disposition of first articles. Invitations for bids should provide that the Government reserves
the right to waive the requirement for samples for first article inspection to those bidders offering
a product which has been previously acquired or tested by the Government, and that bidders
offering such products, who wish to rely on such production or test, must furnish evidence with the
bid that prior Government approval is presently appropriate for the pending contract. Bidders _
should not submit alternate bids unless specifically requested to do so in the solicitation.
6.7 Weight limit increase. In the acquisition of hoists where the lift required exceeds the
standard lifts as listed in this specification, the specification weight limits should be increased
6.8 Provisioning. Provisioning Technical Documentation (PTD), spare parts, and repair parts
should be furnished as specified in the contract.
6.8.1 When ordering spare parts or repair parts for the equipment covered by this specification,
the contract should state that such spare parts and repair parts should meet the same requirements
and quality assurance provisions as the parts used in the manufacturer of the equipment.
Packaging for such parts should also be specified.
6.9 Acceptance and rejection criteria.  Lot acceptance and rejection criteria for quality
conformance inspection shall be as specified in tables XIII through XVI.
6.10 Sub-contracted material and parts. The packaging requirements of referenced documents
listed in section 2 do not apply when material and parts are acquired by the contractor for
incorporation into the equipment and lose their separate identity when the equipment is shipped.

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