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MIL-I-21400 (Aer)
Precedence - When the requirements of the contract, this specification, or
applicable subsidiary specifications are in conflict, the following precedence shall apply:
(1) Contract - The contract shall have precedence over any specification.
(2) This Specification - This specification shall have Precedence over all "
applicable subsidiary specifications. Any deviation from this specification,
or from subsidiary specifications where applicable, shall be approved in
writing by the Bureau of Aeronautics.
(3) Referenced Specifications - Any referenced specification shall have pre-
cedence over all applicable subsidiary specifications referenced therein.
All referenced specifications shall apply to the extent specified.
Parts" and Materials - In the selection of parts and materials, fulfillment of major
design objectives -shall be- the prime consideration. In so doing the following shall govern:
(1) parts and materials as approved by Specification MIL-E-5400 shall be
given first consideration.
- (2) -When the characteristics of standard MIL parts and materials are such
that their use will not fulfill the requirements because of size, weight,
performance or other reasons, materials and parts shall be used which
most nearly meet or exceed the requirements of the respective standard
parts and material specifications.
(3) When a nonstandard part is used, the meeting of general material require-
ments such as noninflammability, fungus resistance, nonintoxic, etc. , and
the meeting of environmental conditions as required by Specifications
MIL-E-5400 or MIL-E-5422 shall be of prime consideration.
(4) In the selection of parts,. the above considerations shall apply if the assembly
is to be built for detail part maintenance. In the event the entire assembly
is to be built to be expended, the assembly shall be constructed and the
quality of the individual parts shall be such that the unit as a whole will .
pass material, electrical and environmental tests. Any assembly built
to be expended shall be approved first by the Bureau of Aeronautics.
3.1.1 Nonstandard Parts and Material Approval - Approval for the use of nonstandard
parts and materials shall be obtained as outlined in Specification MIL-E-5400 except as follows:
(1) Mechanical parts shall be submitted as nonstandard parts only when
the material requirements of Specification MIL-E-5400 are not met.
(2) Nonstandard parts of an electrical nature as defined in Specification
MIL-E-5400, must be approved before the preproduction model of the
equipment is submitted for tests, The request for approval shall be
forwarded to the Bureau of Aeronautics before the part is purchased or
fabricated. In addition to or in lieu of the Nonstandard Part Data Sheet,
the contractor shall submit an itemized list of the parts, their sources,
and the contractor's drawing or purchase specification covering the parts.

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