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MIL-I- 21400(Aer) "
The circuit reference symbol-number
(3) The. part function
. . - ".
(4) Name .of". the manufacturer
. . ..  .
(5) Nature of the failure
(6) The number of hours which the part operated prior to failure
Failure Report - In the event of apart failure, the Government Inspector shall
be notified immediately. A report shall be submitted to the Bureau of Aeronautics upon comple-
tion of the test. In this report, the contractor shall propose suitable and adequate design or
material correction for all failures" which occurred. The Bureau of Aeronautics will review
such proposals and determine whether they are acceptable.
Reconditioning of Life Test Samples - An equipment which has been sub-
jected to the life tests shall be reconditioned as follows:
(1) . On completion of the life test, the equipment shall be reworked by
the contractor by replacing all tubes and -"wear" items. The "wear"
. items shall be determined by agreement between the contractor and
the Bureau of Aeronautics.
(2) After reworking, the contractor shall resubmit the equipment for
Test Procedures - The procedures used for conducting preproduction
tests, acceptance tests and life tests shall be prepared by the contractor and submitted to the
Bureau of Aeronautics for review and approval. The right is reserved by the Bureau of Aero-
nautics or the Government Inspector to modify the tests or require any additional tests deemed
necessary to determine compliance with the requirements of this specification on the contract.
Specification MIL- T-18303 shall be used as a guide for preparation of test procedures. When
approved procedures are available from previous contracts the Bureau of Aeronautics will fur-
nish the procedures to be used for testing.
Presubmission Testing - No item, part or complete equipment shaIl be .
submitted by the contractor until It has be en previously tested and inspected by the contractor
and found to comply, to the best of his knowledge and belief, with all applicable requirements.
Rejection and Retest - Equipment which has been rejected may be re-
worked or have parts replaced to correct the defects and resubmitted for acceptance. Before
resubmitting, full particulars concerning previous rejection and the action taken to correct
the defects found in the original shall be furnished the Government Inspector. Units rejected
after retest shall not be resubmitted without the specific approval of the proocuring agency.
Equipment Changes - After approval of the preproduction model, no
changes which affect weight, installation interchangeability and  interchangeability of maintenance
parts or assemblies shall be incorporated in the equipment unless approved by the Bureau of . . . .
Aeronautics. . To obtain Bureau. of Aeronautics approval, . the contractor shall submit an Engineer-
ing Change Proposal (ECP). giving the necessary information concerning the change. This shall
apply for either a Bureau of Aeronautics' recommended change or a contractor's proposed change.
When required, the contractor shall also prepare an Electronic Material Change (EMC) and an
`Electronic Material Bulletin (EMB) to cover the approved change. ECP'S, EMC'S and EMB's
shall be prepared in accordance with SAR-300.

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