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Page Title: Burner fuel tank
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3.7.2 Burner fuel tank.  The burner fuel tank shall have a capacity of not
less than 20 gallons, shall be made of steel, and shall be constructed in
accordance with the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for a working pressure of
100 pounds per square inch (psi).  Presence of the ASME official code U-symbol
stamped or marked on the fuel tank and the furnishing of a copy of the ASME data
sheet (Form U-1) may be accepted as evidence that the fuel tank conforms to the
ASME Rules for Construction of Unfired Pressure Vessels. The tank shall be
equipped with a 2-inch filler opening having a threaded cap; manually-operated,
air-release valve; an air pressure gage calibrated in 5-pound increments from O
to 60 pounds; a hand-operated air pump; and a safety valve set for not more than
55 psi.  The cylinder of the air pump shall be located inside the fuel tank.
The outlet to the fuel burner shall be equipped with a globe valve. The valve
shall have threaded connections.  The tank shall be mounted on the chassis of
the trailer and shall be protected from the heat radiated by the melting tank
and the burner.  A caution plate shall be located near the fuel tank filler
opening. The caution plate shall read: "FILL WITH DIESEL FUEL ONLY". The
plate shall be anodized aluminum, sunken-etched or raised-relief. The plate
shall be distinguished by the words "CAUTION" or "WARNING" in red lettering (see
3.12.2).  The air pressure gage shall be marked to show the normal operating
pressure range.
3.7.3 Thermometer.  A dial-type, bimetallic thermometer calibrated from 50 F
to 500 F shall be furnished.  The thermometer shall be installed in a visible
location on the kettle and shall be protected by a metal cover. The
temperature-sensing element shall be located at the point of greatest heat
The installed thermometer shall be accessible for replacement
without the removal of other assemblies and installed attachments not normally
3.7.4 Temperature control.  When specified (see 6.2) an automatic temperature
control shall be furnished.  The temperature control shall be capable of
controlling the temperature between plus 100 F and plus 350 F. The
temperature sensing element shall be installed at the point of greatest heat
concentration.  A safety device shall be provided to shut off the burner when
the temperature of asphalt cement in the melting tank exceeds the preselected
temperature by 15F.
3.7.5 Lighting torch.  A burner lighting torch of the asbestos-wick type with
a metal handle not less than 12 inches long and receptacle for storing the torch
shall be furnished.
3.8 Hand-spray attachment.  The handspray attachment shall consist of a spray
tube with spray nozzle(s), handle and control cock, cutoff valve, and a half
coupling for connection to the hose.  The hose shall be l-inch diameter, 15-feet
long, asbestos-lagged, metallic hose with high-temperature fittings. The hose
shall be furnished with quick-disconnect couplings on each end.  The spray line
(pump discharge) on the kettle shall be equipped with a faucet-end half coupling
for connection to the hose, and with chain-secured dust cap. The spray
nozzle(s) shall have a total capacity of not less than 10 gpm at a pressure of
30 psi.  The nozzle(s) shall produce a flat-type spray pattern and shall provide
even distribution from a height of not less than 10 inches.

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