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Page Title: Water distribution system
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4.6.3 Water distribution system. Connect all hoses.  Cap the end of the
washer intake hose.  Operate the pump drawing water from a nonpressurized tank.
Any nonconformance with the requirements of 3.6.3 shall constitute failure of
this test.
4.6.4 Washing machine test.  With all the utility systems activated, manually
operate the washer without clothes.  Activate individually each intake and dis-
charge valve.  Drain the system between each intake test.  Activate the remain-
ing switches and verify that each operates.  Upon completion of this, load the
washer with 60 pounds of woolen blankets (type I or II of MIL-B-844) and launder
using the automatic chart for wool.  Any nonconformance with the requirements of
3.6.4 shall constitute failure of this test.
4.6.5 Extractor test.  Upon completion of 4.6.9, place the woolen blankets
into two batches approximately 30 pounds each dry weight in the extractor.  The
extractor timer shall be set for three minutes and the extractor shall be
operated through 2 complete cycles.  Any nonconformance with the requirements of
3.6.5 shall constitute failure of this test.
4.6.6 Dryer test.  Upon completion of the extractor test, place a 30 pound
load in the dryer.  With the drying temperature control set on 180F, start the
drying cycle and operate for 10 minutes.  Any non-conformance with the
requirements of 3.6.6 shall constitute failure of this test.
4.6.7 Endurance test.  The laundry shall process woolens for 160 hours.  This
shall be accomplished in 8 consecutive 20 hour work days.  The operation shall
be at a rate of two completed laundry cycles per hour. The washer shall be
operated in the automatic mode using the formula card for woolens.  No detergent
is required.  Upon completion of the test, inspect all components including the
washer, extractor, dryer, generator, water pump, water heater, air distribution
system, electrical system and all supporting hardware.  Any nonconformance with
the requirements of 3.6.7 shall constitute failure of this test.
4.6.8 Road and terrain test.  The completely assembled laundry unit, shall be
tested by the Government at a specified location (see 6.2).  The test shall be
as follows:
a.  125 miles over graveled roads at speeds averaging 35 mph. The
graveled road test shall include not less than 20 quick starts and stops on
grades of not less than 5 percent or greater than 10 percent. Fifty percent of
the starts and stops shall be made on ascending grades and 50 percent on
descending grades.
125 miles over Belgian block or similar course averaging 10 mph.

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