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Page Title: One and one-half, five, and seven-inch exhaust ducts
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MIL-L-44142A(GL) Electrical cables, hoses, suction strainer, support hardware and
canvas cover.  Detachable electrical cables and hoses shall be coiled and unit
packed separately in snug-fitting fiberboard boxes conforming to type CF
(variety optional) or SF, class domestic, grade 275, style RSC of PPP-B-636.
The packed components shall then be placed as noted on the applicable drawing
and secured in a manner as to prevent movement or damage while in transit. The
canvas cover for the laundry unit shall completely cover the laundry assembly
and be secured so as not to become loose during transportation. One and one-half, five, and seven-inch exhaust ducts. The one and
one-half inch exhaust ducts for the generator exhaust  shall be placed within
the 5-inch exhaust duct.  The exhaust ducts shall be secured in a manner as to
prevent movement during transit.  The duct sections shall then be secured to the
trailer chassis with the straps provided.  The two 7-inch exhaust duct sections
shall be placed in the overhead baskets and secured as shown on Drawing
6-1-9836. Flexible 12-inch exhaust duct.  The flexible 12-inch exhaust duct
shall be completely collapsed and wrapped in 30-pound kraft paper or barrier
material specified in and the wrap secured with cotton cord, twine or
tape.  The wrapped duct shall be secured within the tumbler.
The laundry shall be preserved in accordance with ASTM D
5.1.2 Commercial.
Packing shall be level A, B, or Commercial as specified (see
5.2 Packing.
5.2.1 Level A packing.  A close-fitting plywood cap shall be fitted over the
laundry unit so that it rests on the trailer deck. The cap shall consist off
two sides, two ends, and a top, and shall be constructed in accordance with type
I, class 2 of MIL-C-104, except plywood shall conform to group A, type I, grade
3-4, or group B, with exterior glue, of NN-P-530 and lower frame members of the
sides and ends shall be nominal 1 by 6 inch.  Other frame members shall be those
specified in MIL-C-104 for panel members for a net weight of 4000 pounds, except
where interference with trailer components require that dimensions of members
may be changed.  The 1 by 6 inch lower frame members shall be laid on edge on
the trailer deck and bridged to provide clearance for the trailer wheels and
other projection on the trailer deck.  The cap shall be positioned in such a
manner as not to interfere with lifting eyes or damage the fabric cover.  The
cap shall be bolted to the trailer by running the plywood sheathing below the 1
by 6 inch bottom member, drilling holes through the plywood and trailer rail
member, and bolting with 3/8 inch diameter zinc or cadmium plated machine bolts,
flat and lock washers and nuts.  Flat washers shall be located under the bolt
head next to plywood, and lock washers shall be located under the nut next to
trailer rail member.  Four bolts shall be used on each side of the trailer, and
two on the back.  Plywood shall be cut out to provide clearance for reflecting
lights and other protrusions on the trailer.

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