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Page Title: Trigger sear and secondary sear
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MIL-L-45935A Cartridge ejector. The cartridge ejector shall be capable
of movement through its full range of travel without binding and shall
exhibit a force of 2.75 pounds minimum to 6.75 pounds maximum when de-
flected flush plus .020 inches with the breech face on the receiver. Test-
ing shall be as specified in
* Follower assembly. The follower assembly shall prevent
actuation of the firing mechanism when the barrel assembly is moved for-
ward out of battery irrespective of the position of the safety. Trigger sear and secondary sear. With the firing pin
cocked, the trigger sear shall return to its original position under
spring action after partial trigger pull. When the trigger is held rear-
ward in the "fire" mode during opening of the breech and loading of a
cartridge, the firing pin shall be retained by the sear when the breech
is closed; the secondary sear shall retain the firing pin until the
trigger is allowed to return to its forward position, where the trigger
sear shall engage the firing pin notch before the secondary sear re-
leases the firing pin.
* Breech insert. The breech insert shall be securely seated
and torqued to 50 inch-pounds 5 inch-pounds so that the breech insert
face is flush to .007 inch below the breech face surface of the receiver.
After the breech insert has been securely seated and torqued, the sealing
compound shall be allowed to cure for not less than 24 hours. The breaking
torque of the breech insert from the receiver shall be not less than 130
inch-pounds. Torque readings shall be taken at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full
turn. The average of these four(4) readings shall be considered the locking
torque, and shall be not less than 70 inch-pounds. The firing pin hole
shall be free of residue that would affect firing pin movement or freedom
of other moving parts. Testing shall be as specified in Firing pin. The firing pin shall move forward through its
firing stroke without interference.
* Firing pin indent. The firing pin indent shall be a depth
of .008 inches minimum to .012 inches maximum. The firing pin indent shall
not be off center more than one-half the diameter of the firing pin point.
Testing shall be as specified in
* Firing pin protrusion.  The firing pin protrusion shall be
.032 inches minimum to .07 maximum. Testing shall be as specified in Trigger pull. The trigger pull shall be free of creep and
shall be greater than 5 pounds but shall not exceed 11 pounds. Creep
shall be interpreted to mean any perceptible rough movement between the
time the trigger slack is taken up and the firing pin released. After

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