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Page Title: Reliability demonstration method
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MIL-L-45935A Interplant.  Launchers to be subjected to the interplant
interchangeability test shall be given preliminary hand functioning to
assure proper operation before parts are disassembled from the launcher.
Launchers shall be interchanged in a manner similar to the detailed plan
in except that the parts shall be divided into five groups and
that when disassembling, every other launcher used shall be one produced
by a different manufacturer.
4.7.8 Reliability demonstration method. Launchers selected for the reliability demonstration shall
be mounted to an M16 or M16A1 rifle and test fired 1000 rounds each for
reliability. Firing shall be in 10 complements of 100 rounds each from
a shoulder fired free standing position. During rounds 21-30 and 81-90 of each complement, the
launchers shall be rapid fired within a two minute period, beginning with
the weapon loaded and locked. The time, in seconds, during each 10 rounds
rapid firing, shall be recorded. If a failure, as defined in 3.5.1,
occurs during the rapid firing for time, the time reading shall be dis-
cared; an additional reading of the time to fire ten rounds wi11 be taken
for any reading discarded. Launchers shall be cleaned and oiled using lubricant in
accordance with MIL-L-46000 after each 250 rounds and at the close of
each day's firing, but no parts shall be altered. Only parts broken or
worn to the extent that they are unserviceable shall be replaced.
* Launchers exhibiting a reliability failure shall be cause
for the contractor to perform a failure analysis. The Government repre-
sentative shall verify the results of the failure analysis and assure
deficiencies causing failure have been corrected on all weapons and
components in process and at the vendor's plant. If a total of two (2)
or less failures occur during the entire demonstration (6000 rounds) the
reliability requirements has been met. The occurance of three (33) fail-
ures shall be cause for test failure, testing shall be suspended and the
contractor shall perform the corrective specified in A complete record shall be maintained for each reliability
demonstrated weapon, showing each malfunction and parts replacement in-
cluding the number of rounds at which each occurred and the cause for
the failure. In addition, the round interval and time in seconds for
each 10 round rapid firing shall be recorded.

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