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Page Title: Standards of manufacture
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MIL-L-85590(AS) Dissimilar metals.
Unless suitably protected against electrolytic
corrosion, dissimilar metals shall not be used in intimate contact with each
Dissimilar metals shall be as defined and classified in MIL-STD-889,
and shall be protected in accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-889. Selection of materials.  Specifications and standards for all
materials and parts, and Government certification and approval of processes
and equipment, which are not specifically designated herein, and which are
necessary for the execution of this specification, shall be selected in
accordance with MIL-STD-143. Standard parts.
Standard parts (MS, AN, or JAN) shall be used
wherever they are suitable for the purpose, and shall be identified on the
drawing by their part number.  Commercial utility parts such as screws,
bo7ts, nuts, cotterpins, etc., may be used provided they possess suitable
properties and are replaceable by the standard parts (MS, AN, or JAN) without
alteration, and provided the corresponding standard part numbers are refer-
enced in the parts list, and, if practicable, on the contractor's drawings.
In the event there are no suitable corresponding standard parts in effect on
date of invitation for bids, commercial parts may be used provided they have
been certified, accompanied by objective quality evidence (as specified in
MIL-STD-109) that the parts meet all the requirements of this specification
(see 6.2.2).
Nomenclature assignment and nameplate
3.2.2 Nomenclature and nameplates.
approval for equipment identification shall be in accordance with MIL-N-18307.
3.2.3 Interchangeability.  All parts having the same part number shall be
completely interchangeable with each other with respect to installation and
Parts joined together by welding or riveting shall be inter-
changeable as assemblies.
3.2.4 Standards of manufacture.  Manufacturing processes and finishes
other than shown on applicable drawings shall receive prior approval of the
procuring activity by engineering change proposals or by requests for waivers
or deviations (see 6.2.2).  The responsibility for any malfunction or failure
of the component parts or the assembled equipment to pass the requirement
test due to fit, proper application or process, clearances, tolerances, or
internal stress shall be assumed by the contractor. Painting limitations.  Neither primer nor Paint shall be applied
to thread, bearing; or working surfaces as' specified on drawings and in
Each launcher tube shall be capable of performing as
3.2.5 Service life.
In addition, two randomly
specified herein for not less than 10 firings.
selected tubes of each designated launcher shall be operated for up to 15
additional firings to demonstrate extended service life.

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