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Page Title: Liquid level indicator test.
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fuel tank modules shall be inspected for compliance with ISO 668,
110, and 1496.  All necessary ISO testing shall be accomplished to
obtain convention for Safe Containers (CSC) certification plates.
4.5.12 Other testing.  Three fuel tank modules shall be used
for the following tests.  These tests shall be conducted following
ISO testing.  Unless otherwise noted the three fuel tank modules
shall be functionally connected as a half-high IC container utiliz-
ing the ISo connectors.  The fuel tank modules shall be manifolded
together using the hoses supplied with each fuel tank module. Liquid level indicator test.  With all drains closed,
each fuel tank module shall be filled via the manhole until the
module is at least 1/4 full.  The liquid level indicator shall be
checked to insure taht the indicator registers accurately to 1/8
of the amount of-fuel in the module.  Pressure relief valve test.  When each fuel tank module
is full of liquid, the manhole shall be secured.  Each fuel tank
module shall be subjected to 3 pounds per square inch gage (psig)
air pressure and checked to insure that the valves vent the
Nonrelief of pressure shall constitute failure to pass
the test. Pressure test.  A pressure test shall be conducted
following completion of ISO testing during first article.  This
test shall also be conducted on each fuel tank module prior to
delivery to the Government.  The test criteria in 49CFR178.253.5
(see Code of Federal Regulations) shall be used except that the
pressure shall be maintained for 30 minutes.  Each fuel tank
module shall be tested separately.  The design pressure shall be
6 psig.
Inability to meet the requirements of 3.6 or any deforma-
tion, bulging, or leaking shall constitute failure of this test. Float valve.  With all drains closed, each tank shall
be filled via the manhole until filled.  Water shall be used as
the test media.  The high water level shall raise the float valve,
thus shutting off the flow of air from the float valve to the out-
side of the fuel tank.
4.5.13 Environmental tests.  Humidity resistance.
The fuel tank module under test
shall be subjected to humidity resistance test in accordance with
MIL-STD-810, method 507.1, procedure IV.  After testing, the module
shall be inspected for evidence of cracking, cracked welds, corrosion,
and peeling of paint.  Evidence of these conditions of material
degradation shall constitute failure of the humidity test.

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