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Page Title: Acquisition requirements.
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5.1 Packaging requirements. For acquisition purposes, the packaging requirements shall be as specified in the
contract or order (see 6.2). When packaging of materiel is to be performed by DoD or in-house contractor personnel,
these personnel need to contact the responsible packaging activity to ascertain packaging requirements. Packaging
requirements are maintained by the Inventory Control Point's packaging activity within the Military Service or Defense
Agency, or within the military service's system command. Packaging data retrieval is available from the managing
Military Department's or Defense Agency's automated packaging files, CD-ROM products, or by contacting the
responsible packaging activity.
(This section contains information of a general or explanatory nature that may be helpful, but it is not mandatory)
6.1 Intended use. Microcircuits conforming to this specification are intended for logistic support of existing
6.2 Acquisition requirements. Acquisition documents should specify the following:
a. Title, number, and date of the specification.
b. PIN and compliance identifier, if applicable (see 1.2).
c. Requirements for delivery of one copy of the conformance inspection data pertinent to the device
inspection lot to be supplied with each shipment by the device manufacturer, if applicable.
d. Requirement for certificate of compliance, if applicable.
e. Requirements for notification of change of product or process to acquiring activity in addition to
notification to the qualifying activity, if applicable.
f. Requirements for failure analysis (including required test condition of method 5003), corrective action and
reporting of results, if applicable.
g. Requirements for product assurance options.
h. Requirements for carriers, special lead lengths or lead forming, if applicable. These requirements shall
not affect the part number. Unless otherwise specified, these requirements will not apply to direct
purchase by or direct shipment to the Government.
i. Requirements for "JAN" marking.
j. Packaging requirements (see 5.1).
6.3 Qualification. With respect to products requiring qualification, awards will be made only for products which
are, at the time of award of contract, qualified for inclusion in Qualified Manufacturers List QML-38535 whether or not
such products have actually been so listed by that date. The attention of the contractors is called to these
requirements, and manufacturers are urged to arrange to have the products that they propose to offer to the Federal
Government tested for qualification in order that they may be eligible to be awarded contracts or purchase orders for
the products covered by this specification. Information pertaining to qualification of products may be obtained from
DSCC-VQ, 3990 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43123-1199.
6.4 Superseding information. The requirements of MIL-M-38510 have been superseded to take advantage of the
available Qualified Manufacturer Listing (QML) system provided by MIL-PRF-38535. Previous references to MIL-M-
38510 in this document have been replaced by appropriate references to MIL-PRF-38535. All technical requirements
now consist of this specification and MIL-PRF-38535. The MIL-M-38510 specification sheet number and PIN have
been retained to avoid adversely impacting existing government logistics systems and contractor's parts lists.

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