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Page Title: Burn-in and life test cool down procedures.
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MIL-M-38510/757C Total dose irradiation testing. Total dose irradiation testing shall be performed in accordance with MIL-STD-883,
method 1019 condition A, and as specified herein. Prior to and during total dose irradiation characterization and testing, the
devices for characterization shall be biased so that 50 percent are at inputs high and 50 percent are at inputs low, and the
devices for testing shall be biased to the worst case condition established during characterization. Devices shall be biased
as follows:
a. Input tested high, VCC = 5.5 V dc +5%, RCC = 1020%, VIN = 5.0 V dc +5%, RIN = 1 k20%, and all outputs
are open.
b. Inputs tested low, VCC = 5.5 V dc +5%, RCC = 1020%, VIN = 0.0 V dc, RIN = 1 k20%, and all outputs are
open. Accelerated aging test. Accelerated aging shall be performed on class B and S devices requiring an RHA level
greater that 5k rads (Si). The post-anneal end point electrical parameter limits shall be as specified in table I herein and
shall be the preirradiation end point electrical parameter limit at +25C 5C. Testing shall be performed at initial
qualification and after any design or process changes which may affect the RHA response of the device.
4.5 Methods of inspection. Methods of inspection shall be specified and as follows:
4.5.1 Voltage and current. Unless otherwise specified, all voltages given are referenced to the microcircuit GND terminal.
Currents given are conventional current and positive when flowing into the referenced terminal.
4.5.2 Burn-in and life test cool down procedures. When the burn-in and life tests are completed and prior to removal of bias
voltages, the devices under test (DUT) shall be cooled to within 10C of their power stable condition at room temperature; then,
electrical parameter end-point measurements shall be performed.
4.5.3 Quiescent supply current. When performing quiescent supply current measurements (ICC), the meter shall be placed so
that all currents flow through the meter.
4.6 Data reporting. When specified in the purchase order or contract, a copy of the following data, as applicable, shall be
a. Attributes data for all screening tests (see 4.2) and variables data for all static burn-in, dynamic burn-in, RHA tests and
steady-state life tests (see 3.6)
b. A copy of each radiograph.
c. The technology conformance inspection (TCI) data (see 4.4).
d. Parameter distribution data on parameters evaluated during burn-in (see 3.6).
e. Final electrical parameters data (see 4.2e).
f. RHA delta limits.

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