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Page Title: Test methods and procedures.
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or SQAP forming a part of the contract shall be supplied by the contractor
in accordance with technical data listed in the technical data package
(TDP) l Contractor design.- The contractor shall design and supply
inspection equipment compatible with the "Test Methods and Procedures"
specified in 4.6 of this specification and with the component inspection
procedures specified in "Examination" and "Test Facilities" requirements
of MIL-F-13926. Since tolerance of test equipment is normally considered
to be within 10% of the product tolerance for which it is intended, this
inherent error of test equipment design must be considered as part of the
prescribed product tolerance limit. Thus, concept, construction, materials,
dimensions and tolerances used in the design of test equipment shall be so
selected and controlled as to insure that the test equipment will reliably
indicate acceptability of a product which does not exceed 90% of the
prescribed tolerance limit, and permit positive rejection when nonconform-
ing. Construction shall be such as to facilitate routine calibration of
test equipment.
4.6 Test methods and procedures.
4.6.1 Environmental. Vibration.- Standard vibrating equipment capable of providing
the amplitude and frequency specified in 3.4.1 shall be utilized for this
test. Unless otherwise specified, the test equipment shall be in accordance
with the "Test Facilities" requirements of MIL-F-13926. The mount shall be
secured to the vibrating equipment by means of an adapter that conforms to
Drawing F8636535. The vibration motion shall be in the vertical plane.
Prior to vibration the headrest assembly shall be positioned as shown on
Drawing F8620000, Mount Periscope: M115. The headrest shall be located
at its midpoint of travel in the elongated slots; each Screw Assembly
7639274 shall be hand-tightened; Plunger 8262113 shall be engaged in the
detent at the right end of the slide; the shield shall be raised and the
handle assembly set in the upper detent. Temporary reference marks shall
be placed on the headrest assembly, bracket and plate assembly, etc. for
the purpose of detecting any change in position of the headrest due to
vibration. The mount shall then be vibrated for the time period specified
in 3.4.1. Immediately following the vibration cycle, and prior to the
examination for physical defects resulting from poor workmanship and
materials, the mount shall be subjected to the test in Sub-
sequent to the test in, the mount shall be thoroughly examined
for physical defects resulting from poor workmanship and materials to
determine compliance with 3.4.1 prior to being subjected to the remaining
tests specified herein. A visual examination shall be made for missing
or damaged parts prior to subjecting the mount to the remaining per-
formance tests. Minimum visual examination shall include the shield
assembly, the mount, the plate assembly, headrest assembly, nuts, etc.
A tactile examination shall also be conducted to determine looseness or
improper functioning of the above items as well as such moving parts

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