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Page Title: Backlash (pitch motion).
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within the limits specified in 3.5.l(e).  By means of crosslevel knob,
set crosslevel bubble of inspection aid adapter Drawing F10553898 to
indicate level.  Elevate fixture through full elevation and full
depression travel.  During this excursion, observe that level vial
bubble of the inspection aid adapter remains in constant position. Any
bubble movement indicates seating surface of adapter receiving the
inspection aid is in a canted position. Set inspection aid to zero
elevation.  Return fixture to zero elevation.  Reposition inspection aid
on the inspection aid adapter seating pads.  Rotate inspection aid 180
and observe level bubble setting.  Both level vial bubble positions
must indicate identical level settings.  When all level readings and
points of coincidence have been attained, the mount is orientated in
accordance with 3.5.1. Deviation.-  With the mount positioned as specified in, sight through the collimator telescope and observe extent of
deviation in the line of sight (walk off in azimuth direction) when
the fixture elevation handwheel is rotated from zero to a minimum of
1333 mils elevation and from zero to a minimum of 445 mils depression.
Deviation (walk off) shall not exceed the thickness of the reticle line
to assure conformance with the limits specified in 3.5.7. Elevation.-  This test can be performed in conjunction
with the previous test.
Remove "V" block and collimator.  Rotate
fixture elevation handwheel to maximum elevation and then to maximum
depression.  Place inspection aid over quadrant pads. Read maximum
elevation and depression angles on inspection aid.  Both readings must
conform with the limits specified in 3.5.2. Pitch motion.-  With the fixture positioned as outlined
in, with "V" block and collimator removed, rotate pitch knob
full clockwise and position the inspection aid over quadrant gun pads
of the mount and obtain angular reading on inspection aid when level
vial indicates level.  This reading must be equal to or exceed the
limits specified in 3.5.4.  Repeat the procedure when the pitch knob
has been rotated full counterclockwise. Backlash  (pitch motion).-  This test may be accomplished
in conjunction with the preceding test.  This test is accomplished by
scribing an index line on the pitch knob and an index line in line
with the previous index on the mating casting surface. Rotate the
knob one turn beyond the scribe line on the casting and re-establish
coincidence.  Set the inspection aid over quadrant pads and record
the pitch angle after leveling level bubble of inspection aid.
Continue one half revolution beyond this point of coincidence and
return to previous point of coincidence and observe inspection aid
level vial setting.  Exercise care not to override points of coincidence.
This reading and previous reading must coincide within the limits specified
in 3.5.6.  Repeat this test at zero pitch and two other positions each
side of the zero pitch setting with the fixture set to zero elevation
and zero cant.

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