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Page Title: Caution plates.
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3.18  Caution plates.  Each asphalt melter shall have a sun resistant caution
plate secured to the storage tank warning the operator not to allow the asphalt
temperature to exceed 350 F, and tO reduce asphalt Temperature to 300 F during
standby operation.  The words "Warning" or "Caution" shall be red.  The caution
plates shall conform to MIL-P-514, composition C., or grade A, class 1 material.
-- ------
3.20  Stenciling.  The gross weight of each asphalt melter shall be stenciled
on each side of the asphalt melter and "Lift" and "Tiedown", aS applicable,
shall be stenciled adjacent to their respective  lifting and tiedown provisions.
All stenciling shall be in bloCk-type letters not less than 1 inch high.
Registration numbers shall be marked on the asphalt melter in accordance with
MIL-STD-642.  Color shall be white.
3.21 Safety.  With the exception of hot-oil transmission lines, asphalt
transmission lines, and unless otherwise specified herein, all exposed parts
that are subject tO high operating temperatures, or that are energized
electrically shall be insulated, enclosed, guarded and labeled to indicate the
hazard (for instance "danger hot", "danger high voltage", etc.).  Electrical
equipment shall be effectively grounded to protect all persons and objects from
electrical shock hazards.  Nonfunctional sharp edges, projecting points, and
excessive length of fastening devices shall be avoided.  Where applicable, all
exposed edges and corners shall be rounded to a minimum of .03-inch radius.
Sharp corners or edges that are likely to be contacted by personnel shall be
suitably protected or rounded to a minimum radius of 1/2 inch.
3.22 Maintainability.  All major assemblies and installed attachments shall
be accessible for maintenance, repair, and replacement without the removal of
other major assemblies not normally removed.  Covers or plates which must be
removed for component repair or replacement shall be equipped with disconnect
fasteners.  Drain outlets shall be located for accessibility.  The use of
components requiring special tools for maintenance shall be avoided.
3.23 Workmanship.  All parts, components, and assemblies of the . asphalt
melter including castings, forgings, molded parts, stampings, bearings, seals,
machined surfaces, and welded parts shall be clean and free from sand, dirt,
fins, sprues, scale, flux, and other harmful extraneous material. All exposed
outer edges shall be rounded or chamfered.
3.24 Welding.  The surfaces of parts to be welded shall be free from rust,
scale, paint, grease, mill scale that can be removed by chipping and wire
brushing, and other foreign matter.  Parent materials, weld filler metals, and
fabrication techniques shall be as required to enable the asphalt melter tO

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