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Page Title: Mission reliability.
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3.10.2 Tiedown provisions. The mounting kit shall allow the Ml tank to be tied down for
transportation purposes while it remains mounted on the tank. The mounting kit shall include lifting and
towing eyes in accordance with drawing TA13227E7180.
3.11 Identification marking. The kit shall be identified and marked in accordance with ANSI/AS 478.
3.12 Weight. The weight of the mounting kit, in its fully completed configuration shall not exceed
3,000 pounds.
3.13 Performance.
3.13.1 Hydraulic release. The mounting kit shall be capable of hydraulically releasing the roller
assemblies in less than 30 seconds on a zero degree incline. The hydraulic release mechanism shall be
activated by a switch located in the driver's compartment.
3.13.2 Manual release. The mounting adapter shall be capable of manually releasing the roller
assembly by means of a lever mechanism located on the outside of the tank near the driver's batch. The
lever mechanism shall actuate release at the roller assembly with an applied force no greater than
52 pound-feet while the vehicle is stationary on a zero degree incline.
3.14 Mission reliability. The mounting kit shall have a mission reliability of .90 probability of
completing a one hour mission.
3.14.1 Mission. The mounting kit mission consists of the following:
a. Install roller kit on tank within 15 minutes. (Mounting kit is already installed).
b. Operate the tank with roller over secondary roads for 45 minutes.
c. Hydraulically release roller assemblies from inside tank.
3.14.2 Failure definition. A failure is defined as any malfunction which causes or may cause inability
to commence mission, cessation of mission, degradation of performance capability of the mounting kit by
continued operation, or serious safety hazard. Simultaneous related malfunctions are considered as one
failure. Failure is also considered if there is a delay or prevention of an operating cycle to the extent that
specified performance requirements cannot be met.
3.15 Maintainability.
3.15.1 Mean time to repair (MTTR). The mounting kit shall have to repair at organizational level of
30 minutes or less.
3.15.2 Maintenance ratio. The mounting kit shall have a MR not to exceed 0.1 man-hours per hour of
operation. Maintenance ratio is defined as the ratio of the total active scheduled and unscheduled
maintenance man-hours required to the total operating time. Man-hours for repair of replaced

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