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Page Title: Converter box.
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3.1 General description. The M1 CLAMS mounting kit provides the interface between the CLAMS
and the M1 series tank. The mounting kit shall consist of the following items: a structural adapter for
mounting the CLAMS dispenser box at the rear of the vehicle, metallic heat insulation panels that will
encase the CLAMS dispenser box and protect its contents from high temperature engine exhaust, a
converter box to provide electrical interface between the vehicle and CLAMS control box which controls
marker dispensation, and interconnecting electrical harnesses.
3.2 Drawings. The drawings forming a part of this specification are end product drawings. No
deviations from the prescribed dimensions or tolerances are permissible without prior approval of the
contracting officer. Where tolerances could cumulatively result in incorrect fits, the contractor shall
provide tolerances within those prescribed on the drawings to ensure correct fit, assembly, and operation of
the kit. Any data (e.g., shop drawings, layouts, flow sheets, processing procedures, etc.) prepared by the
contractor or obtained from a vendor to support fabrication and manufacture of the production item shall
be made available, upon request, for inspection by the procuring activity or his designated representative.
3.3 First article (first produced kit). Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), one or more samples shall
be subjected to first article inspection (see 4.3 and 6.3) to prove that his production methods will produce
kits that comply with the requirements of this specification. Any changes or deviations of mounting kits
from the approved first article during production will be subject to the approval of the contracting officer.
Approval of the first article will not relieve the contractor of his obligation to furnish mounting kits
conforming to this specification.
3.4 Performance characteristics.
3.4.1 Converter box. Input power. Unless otherwise specified, the requirements specified herein are applicable
when an input voltage within the range of 18 to 30 volts direct current (Vdc) is applied to terminals J1-K
(positive) and J1-C (return) of the converter box. Signal processing. For an input sine wave signal of 350 (+35, -0.0) millivolts peak-to-peak
(mVp-p) to 4.0 1.0 volts peak-to-peak (Vp-p) between terminals J1-E and J1-F at frequencies of
50 5.0 to 1000 100 Hertz (Hz) the output signal between terminals J1-H (positive) and J1-C (return)
shall be a pulse of 17.0 to 30.0 volts maximum amplitude and 0.3 0.2 volts minimum amplitude with a
pulse duration of 2.0 1.0 milliseconds and a signal period of 13.06 (+1.45, -1.19) to 0.653
(+0.073, -0.059) (the converter shall divide the input signal frequency by 653.0). Noise level. There shall be 0.3 0.2 Vdc present between the output terminals J1-H
(positive) and J1-C (return) for an input signal between terminals Jl-E and Jl-F of 25 mVp-p or less for
frequencies of 5 Hz to 10 KHz (10000 Hz).

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