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Page Title: Treatment and painting.
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3.6.4 Ballistic shock. The mounting kit shall meet the requirements of 3.4 during and after exposure
to shock impulses of 200 20 g, 0.5 0.1 ms half sine wave applied in each direction of the three mutually
perpendicular axes.
3.6.5 High intensity shock. The converter box and parts thereof, shall remain intact and shall not
become secondary projectiles when subjected to high intensity shock levels of 980 98 g, 0.5 0.1 ms at the
assembly's mounting interface. This shall include the impulses in each direction of the three mutually
perpendicular axes.
3.6.6 Submergence. There shall be no evidence of air leakage when the converter box is pressurized
with air to 6.0 0.5 psig and completely submerged in water to a depth of 6 inches minimum measured
from top surface. Electrical connectors shall be capped during submergence. The CLAMS converter box
shall meet the requirements of 3.4 after submergence.
3.6.7 Cleaning spray. The converter box shall not be damaged by and shall meet the performance
requirements of 3.4 after exposure to a jet spray of tap water applied perpendicular to and at a distance of
one (+1.0, -0.0) foot from the component surface at a cleaning rate of 1.0 square foot per minute for a
period of 10 minutes minimum. The water jet shall be derived from nozzle having a orifice diameter of
0.25 inch and a nozzle pressure of 25 psig.
3.7 Treatment and painting.
3.7.1 External. The portions of the mounting kit, not including the deflector, normally painted shall be
cleaned, treated, and painted in accordance with Drawing 12344344 color 383 green. The deflector shall
be cleaned per applicable method of specification TT-C-490 and painted with MIL-P-14105 color black.
3.7.2 Internal. The portions of the mounting kit, internally located on the tank, normally painted, shall
be cleaned, treated, and painted in accordance with Drawing 12344343 color 17925 untinted white.
3.8 Identification and markings. The mounting kit shall be identified and marked in accordance with
3.9 Workmanship. Workmanship shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-454, requirement 9.
Workmanship shall be such that the assembly shall be free of burrs, sharp edges, cracks, corrosion,
surfaces out of alignment, or out of contour (visually apparent). There shall be no evidence of conditions
that could present a safety hazard to operating or maintenance personnel. The assembly shall contain no
loose or foreign material.
3.9.1 Welding certification. Welding. The surface of parts to be welded shall be free from rust, corrosion, scale, paint,
grease, and mill scale that can be removed by chipping and wire brushing, as well as from other foreign
matter. Welds shall withstand stress without permanent deformation, or failure, when the parts connected
by the by the welds are subjected to proof and servicing loading. Parts to be joined by fillet welds shall be

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