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Page Title: Failure definition and scoring criteria.
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4.5.6 Reliability. The mounting kit shall be tested as follows: Test conditions. Unless otherwise specified, the reliability shall be conducted under
the following conditions:
Air temperature
73 18 F
Barometric pressure
28.5 (+2.0, -3.0) inches of mercury
Relative humidity
50 30 percent Accept and reject criteria. The mounting kit shall complete twenty two (22) missions
with zero (0) relevant failures. Failures shall be determined by the Government (see for
failure definition and for test procedure). Failure definition and scoring criteria. A failure is defined as any malfunction which
the operator cannot remedy in 2 minutes or less and which causes any or all of the following: The
CLAMS dispenser not to be held in a position for proper operation; the CLAMS not to be
properly operated by the crew inside the tank; the CLAMS dispenser not to be protected from the
heat of exhaust; the mounting kit and the CLAMS to be mounted in more than 30 minutes. Any
failures attributed to the CLAMS or the M1 tank will not be chargeable to the mounting kit.
Pattern failures are considered one failure. Failures will be determined by the Government. Test procedure. A mission for the mounting kit will be as follows:
a. The M1 tank shall rendezvous with the support vehicles at the beginning of the mission.
b. The mounting kit and the CLAMS shall be installed on the M1 tank within 30 minutes.
c. The M1 tank shall then conduct a mine breach of 100 meters over varying terrains. The
CLAMS shall be operated during each mission. The automatic dropping of markers shall be
different for each mission so that all possible distances are tested at least twice.
d. After the mine field breach is completed, the CLAMS dispenser shall be shut off, and for
the duration the 45 minutes operational mode, which started at the beginning of the mine field
breach, the M1 tank shall traverse secondary roads at varying speeds up to 10 mph.
e. The position and orientation at the markers dispensed shall be recorded, the distance of
each marker from the centerline of the breaching tank and whether the marker is in an upright
position. The distance between each marker shall be recorded as well as the setting of the
automatic dispensing. All maintenance actions, and times shall be recorded.
4.5.7 Maintainability. The mounting kit shall be tested in accordance with MIL-STD-471 and
as specified herein, utilizing test method 1 for mean-time-for repair requirement.

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