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Page Title: Magnetic particle inspection
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4.3 Sampling.
3.7.3 Alloy steel. Alloy steel nuts shall be
hardened by quenching in oil from the hard-
4.3.1 FOr lot acceptance inspection. Unless
ening temperature and tempered to a Rock-
well "C" hardness of 26 to 32,
otherwise specified, sampling shall be in ac-
cordance with the provisions of Standard
3.8 Magnetic particle inspection. Alloy and
MIL-STD-105 at inspection level II.
carbon steel nuts shall pass the magnetic
particle inspection of 4.4,2.
4.3.2 For lot acceptance tests.
3.9 Side runout and parallelism of sides. For composition and hardness. Un-
The runout and parallelism of sides of the
less otherwise specified (see 6.2), sampling
nut when tested in accordance with the
for composition and hardness shall be in ac-
procedures of shall conform to the
cordance with inspection level L3, MIL-
tolerances specified in figures 1 or 2, as
STD-105 (Appendix). Disposition of the lot
with respect to these tests shall be in ac-
cordance with the criteria for the acceptance
3.10 Identification marking. Each nut shall
quality level (AQL) 10.0 percent defective
be permanently and legibly marked with the
of MIL-STD-105 for each test.
manufacturer's name or trademark and part
number by a steel stamp, acid or electric
4.4 Inspection,
etching, or engraving in accordance with
the provisions of MIL-STD-130.
4.4.1 Lot acceptance inspection. Sample
nuts selected in accordance with 4.3.1 shall
3.11 Workmanship. Workmanship shall be
be visually and dimensionally inspected in
in accordance with high grade commercial
accordance with 4,4.5 for conformance to
practice governing this type of material
the requirements of this specification and
which will insure compliance with all the
the contract or order.
requirements of this specification. Each nut
shall be free from hanging burrs and slivers,
4.4.2 Magnetic particle inspection. The
gouges, porosity, objectionable scale or any
presence of cracks, seams, inclusions, and
other defects which may adversely affect
flaws in alloy and carbon steel nuts selected
the nut's serviceability.
in accordance with 4.3.1, shall be determined
by magnetic particle inspection unless visual
inspection -discloses defects which would pre-
clude the necessity for magnetic particle in-
4.1 General. When this specification and
spection. Magnetic particle inspection shall
the applicable documents thereto specifies
be performed in accordance with Specifica-
action by the Government inspector, it shall
tion MIL-I-6868.
be performed by or under the supervision of
the Government inspector.
4.4.3 Packaging, packing, and marking in-
spection. The Government inspector shall as-
4.1.1 Definitions. Terms, designated stand-
ard names, and associated terminology for
certain that packaging, packing, and `mark-
ing of nuts and the marking of containers
examination and testing shall be interpreted
in accordance with definitions outlined in
is in accordance with the requirements of
Standard MIL-STD-109.
this specification and the contract or order.
4.2 Lot, A lot shall consist of all the nuts
4.4.4 Place of inspection. Unless otherwise
of the same type, class and size submitted
specified in the contract or order (see 6.2),
for acceptance inspection and test at one
inspection and test shall be conducted at the
place of manufacture.

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