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Page Title: Weight and dimensions
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MIL-P-17869A(SHIPS) Noise due to turbulence, rapid change in condition or direction
of hydraulic fluid and cavitation in all classes of pumps and motors shall be mini-
mized by proper design.
3.3.18 Weight and dimensions.-  Pump and motor design shall provide
for keeping overall weight and size at a minimum. The latest methods and
materials shall be considered in the design.  Determination of acceptable size
and weight will be based on equipment previously and presently in service
aboard Naval ships.
External surfaces of pumps and motors shall be painted
3.3.19 Painting.-
for protection and good appearance.  Painting, where used, shallconsist of two
coats of zinc chromate primer confirming to Specification JAN-P-735, and one
coat of enamel in accordance with class 2 of Specification MIL-E-15090. The
inside of pump and motor cases, where in contact with hydraulic fluid, shall
not be painted.
3.3.20 Shock.-  The pump and motor, or both shall withstand the shock
test specified in 4.10.18.
3.4 Design detail.-
3.4.1 Class I and class II.- Working pressures.-  Class I and class II pumps and motors shall
be suitable for continuous working pressures up to and including 3,000 pounds
per square inch. Intermittent operation (see 4.10. 5) at 150 percent of rated con-
tinuous working pressure shall be possible. It shall also be possible to subject
pumps and motors to static pressures equivalent to 200 percent of rated working
pressure (see 6.3). Efficiency.-
Volumetric efficiency shall be not less than 90 per-
cent and mechanical efficiency not less than 85 percent under full load conditions
Fahrenheit (F.) oil temperature. At
oil temperatures
and at
(see 3.3. 13), efficiency shall riot drop more than 5 percent. Relief and replenishment valves.- Relief valves shall be included
in all pumps. Replenishment valves shall also be included when specified
(see 6.1). These valves shall be readily accessible for maintenance and repair. Integral auxiliary pumps.-  Where practicable, as determined from
size, space and particular application, pumps shall be furnished with integral
servo pressure and replenishment pumps. In general, pumps having a 25 horse-
power (hp.) rating and higher shall have this feature, Auxiliary pumps shall be
operated from the main pump drive shaft by gearing or dependable belt drive.

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