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Page Title: Workmanship and Quality Control Records
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MIL-P-17881D (SHIPS) Any work done on equipment with variations prior to obtaining design review
agency approval shall be at the supplier's risk. Copies of all correspondence involving repair parts shall be forwarded to
Ships Parts Control Center, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
Machining errors and equipment
deviations from drawing dimensions and tolerances or both for castings, forgings, weldments,
connections, or machine-processed parts) do not require classification or approval by either
the design review agency or the DCAS; however, each such deviation shall be documented, and
a copy shall be furnished to the DCAS.  If the DCAS considers that an unclassified deviation
does involve contractual requirements, then such deviation shall be classified and treated
in accordance with the foregoing paragraphs.  When a repair restores a part to original
drawing dimensions, but involves no change of materials and uses a previously approved repair
process, the DCAS shall approve such repair.  There shall be periodic reviews between the
manufacturer and the DCAS on the accumulated incidents of machining errors for determination
of. corrective measures to improve workmanship.  The frequency and timing of such meetings
shall be as determined by the DCAS.
4.1.4 When specified (see 6.1), intended use makes it mandatory that the pump shall be
free of all mercury contamination.  During the manufacturing processes, tests and examina-
tions the product to be offered for acceptance shall not come in direct contact with mercury
or any of its compounds nor with any mercury containing device employing a single boundary
of containment.  The manufacturer shall certify that the product, when shipped, is free from
mercury contamination.
Tests shall be performed at a laboratory satisfactory to
4.2 Qualification
NAVSEC.  The several qualification tests on one pump design may be conducted concurrently
if practicable.  The tests shall fully establish that the product has the reliability and
performance capability, specified herein.  The following tests shall be performed:
(a) The performance evaluations tests specified in 4.3.2 through
(b) The design evaluation tests specified in 4.3.3 through
4.2.1 The qualification specified herein shall apply separately to one pump of each
Qualification will include all sizes for a specific type.
4.2.2 The potential supplier desiring qualification of a pump type shall submit design
data and calculations, as specified in 3.11 through 3.11.4, to NAVSEC for review and design
approval as a prerequisite to the performance of the qualification tests specified herein.
The design record, as specified in 3.12 through 3.12.2 shall be submitted upon completion
of the qualification tests.
4.3 Tests. The procuring agency and Government representatives shall have the right
to examine-test facilities at the suppliers' plants and at the suppliers' subcontractors'
plants, and to witness all tests specified herein.  All failures, deficiencies and discrep-
ancies revealed during the-performance of the specified tests and the corrective measures
taken shall be recorded and fully documented in the applicable test records and test reports.
After correction of deficiencies tests shall be repeated to the extent necessary to ascertain
acceptability of the modified pump.  Major failures indicative of the design deficiency (as
distinguished from shop error or faulty workmanship) shall be reported to the design review
agency before l correction is made.
Shop tests shall be performed on each pump being supplied (and
Each shop test shall be fully documented by
a prescribed test procedure and a written record of the performance and findings of each
test.  A compilation of the documentation of all the shop tests performed on each pump, shall
be furnished in duplicate to the cognizant Government quality assurance office and to the
design review agency.  Except when specifically required herein to be tested with the actual
driver, shop tests may be conducted using a substitute driver, provided the actual driver
separately passes the tests required by its applicable specification.  The following shop
tests shall be performed on each pump:
(a) Hydrostatic pressure test (see
(b) Over speed test (see
Application for Qualification tests shall be made in accordance with "Provisions Governing
Qualification SD-6" (see 6.5 and 6.5.1).

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