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Page Title: Performance evaluation tests
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Acceptance criteria:  The pump shall deliver the rated capacity and head.  The
head-capacity tune at maximum rated speed shall meet the specified requirements.
The total head at all capacities on the curve other than rated capacity shall not
deviate by more than plus 5 percent or minus 2 percent of rated heads under 500
feet, plus 3 percent or minus 1 percent of rated heads over 500 feet from the
corresponding head on the head-capacity tune at maximum rated speed established
in the performance test specified in  NPSH shall be less than that if
specified (see 6.2).
(c) Operate the electric motor-driven unit for a minimum of 1 minute
in reverse rotation at maximum rated speed.
Acceptance criteria:  The unit shall not be damaged by the reverse rotation test.
Conformance to hydraulic and noise requirements shall be demonstrated subsequent
to the reverse rotation test.  Noise test.  When required (see 6.2), noise tests shall be
conducted in accordance with MIL-STD-740-1 and MIL-STD-740-2.  The noise test
stand details, instrumentation, and testing technique shall be submitted by the
supplier to the contracting activity for approval prior to test commencement.
Airborne noise tests shall be conducted on the lead unit only on each contract or
Acceptance criteria:
The unit shall meet the noise level limits specified (see
4.6.2 Performance evaluation tests.  One pump of each class, design and
size on each contract or order shall successfully undergo the performance
evaluation test to establish the complete pump performance map and to ascertain
conformance to the specified performance requirements.  Motor driven units shall
be tested with the motor to be furnished with the pump. A substitute driver may
be used for turbine driven pumps.  When pumps of identical design and size are
being produced under two or more contracts within a 2-year period, only one
series of performance evaluation tests shall be required for that production run.
The following tests shall comprise the performance evaluation tests:
(a) Performance test (see
(b) Special tests (see
(c) Packing and pump alignment procedure test (see Performance test.  The performance test shall be conducted and
recorded in accordance with the requirements for the shop test specified in, except that in addition to the head-capacity curve at maximum rate
speed, a full performance map shall be established.  The head-capacity tunes for
pumps constructed to operate under submergence control (see 6.2) shall include
complete submergence tunes for at least 7 suction pressures ranging from the
lowest submergence for which stable pump operation can be obtained to the maximum
submergence specified (see 6.2).  Test data shall be converted to specified
operating conditions for plotting of all performance tunes.  The performance
curves shall be determined at maximum and minimum operating speed for variable
speed pumps and at each operating speed for multispeed pumps.  The following
curves shall be established:

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