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Page Title: Packing/ seal and alignment procedure test
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MIL-P-18526A(SH) Packing/ seal and alinement procedure test.  Each test pump shall have seals
installed and pump an
river alined in accordance with the procedures to be used in the
technical manual.  Seal shall then be run in and the pump operated at maximum rated speed.
Test shall be conducted separately with only the mechanical seal installed and again with
only the packing installed.  Tests shall verify seal installation and backup packing instal-
lation procedures.  Stuffing box leakage for each separate installation shall be determined.
Acceptance criteria:
Pumps shall exhibit no leakage through the casing material
or joints,  Leakage rate through a mechanical seal shall
not exceed five drops per minute.
4.4.3 Design evaluation tests.  One pump of each class, design, and size submitted for
qualification testing shall be provided complete with the driver and appurtenances and con-
trols shall successfully undergo the design evaluation tests specified herein.  Design changes
which in the opinion of the design review agency may detrimentally affect the reliability of
a previously tested and accepted pump design shall be cause to require new design evaluation
tests in part or in full.  In shall be at the discretion of the design review agency to re-
quire new design evaluation tests when an accumulation of several design changes, each of
itself apparently not significant to pump reliability, collectively considered render suspect
the validity of any one or all of the previously performed design evaluation tests. A con-
tamination test need not be performed provided that the manufacturer can demonstrate to the
satisfaction of the design review agency that the pump to be offered has been proven satis-
factory in previous Naval shipboard service under conditions equally as strenuous as those
specified in the ordering data.  The proposed design evaluation test procedure shall be sub-
mitted to the procuring agency for review prior to performing the tests.  The design evalua-
tion tests shall consist of the following:
(a) Special operating test (see through,
(b) Contamination test (see
(c] Shock test (see,
Inclined operation test (see
(e) Vibration test (to be performed only when specified) (see Maximum fuel oil temperatures (using grade JP-5).  Each test pump shall be
operated at rated conditions and the oil temperature increased to 125F at the pump discharge.
Oil temperature shall be maintained at 125F and the pump shall be operated for a period of
2 hours.
Acceptance criteria:
Same as Suction lift test.  Each test pump shall be operated at rated conditions with
grade JP-5 fuel and the suction valve shall be closed until a suction pressure of 15 in IIg
vacuum is attained.  Pump shall maintain stable operation for 15 minutes.
Acceptance criteria:
Flow shall not deteriorate by more than 50 percent and shall
meet the criteria of when valve is reopened.  Pres-
sure shall not fluctuate or discharge by more than 40 per-
cent during test. Minimum flow/stability test.  Each test pump shall be operated with grade JP-5
Parameters shall be established
fuel to determine minimum flow/stability parameters at
by operating the pump at 5 gal/rein until discharge temperature stabilizes.
Acceptance criteria:
Same as and in no case shall the discharge tempera-
ture be allowed to exceed 125F. Cavitation test.  Each test pump shall be operated at rated conditions using
grade JP-5 fuel.  Suction pressure shall be reduced until cavitation is noted, then reduced
an additional 2 in Hg and operated for 30 minutes in this condition.  Upon completion of
this test the pump shall be operated at rated conditions and the performance characteristics
Acceptance criteria:
(a) Same as
(b) A failure is the condition where the test pump will not contain,
completely, the test fluid under any operations.
(c) A failure is the condition where the test pump will not maintain
the required suction lift at rated conditions.

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