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Page Title: Shock and vibration
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3-year intervals during the service life of the pump (with the exception of
packing and seals) shall have a life of 10,000 actual operating hours, and they
shall be identified in appropriate drawings and manuals.  The requirement set
forth above shall not be construed or interpreted as a warranty requirement,
nor otherwise affect the manufacturer's warranty. In the design of sea-connected pumps for submarine application,
full consideration shall be given to cyclic nature of the pressure loading. The
design shall be in accordance with NAVSEA 0941-LP-041-3010. Justification of
design to the command or agency concerned shall be made by experimental stress
analysis (see
3.2.3 Shock and vibration. Pumps and drivers, all appurtenances, and controls shall pass a
shock test in accordance with MIL-S-901, grade A, as specified in Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2.1), shock mounts (resilient
mounts for shock attenuation) shall not be used.  When noise attenuation mounts
are specified, the pump shall pass the specified shock test on the noise atten-
uation mounts. Bolts designed to be stressed in shear shall be installed in holes
with a minimum of clearance.  Hole diameters shall be not more than 1/32 inch
larger than the bolts for sizes up to and including 3/4 inch, and no more than
1/16 inch larger than bolts of greater than 3/4 inch size.  Mounting bolts for
fastening the equipment shall conform to grade 2 or better of MIL-S-1222. Pumps shall not be damaged or cause to malfunction by either
internally excited vibrations or by the environmental vibrations. Units
furnished under this specification shall be tested to meet the requirements
of MIL-STD-167-1, type I and II (see
3.2.4 Alinement. The design of all pumps shall be such that alinement will not be
disturbed or undue stresses set up in any part by normal vibration or contraction
and expansion of piping attached thereto in service. Alinement between separate components of a unit shall be maintained
by means of keyways, rabbeted or tongue and groove joints, fitted bolts, or other
means.  Parts manufactured to the same drawings shall be interchangeable. In no case shall a piece of equipment be rigidly supported from
more than one plane.
3.2.5 Noise.  The design, construction, and workmanship of the equipment
shall be such that noise levels during operation at the design conditions will
meet the airborne noise and structureborne vibration noise requirements as
specified (see 6.2.1 and 4.6.4).

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