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Page Title: Material identification
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3.6.2 Material identification. Perferred material reference. Where materials of identical
or equal quality can be more than one specification or standard, the draw-
ings need reference only one such specification or standard.  In selecting
the specification or standard to be referenced the following is the order of
Federal specification or standard.
Military specification or standard.
Industry and Technical Society specification or standard.
Manufacturer's specification or standard. Material substitutions.  Where materials other than covered by
(a), (b), and (c) of are referenced and approved by the design review
agency, the drawings shall show the complete chemical and physical properties
of the approved material.  In addition, the drawings shall identify the mate-
rial in terms of the nearest Federal or Military specification, in order to
enable Naval repair facilities to make emergency repairs as necessary from
Navy material stocks.
3.6.3 Drawing identification.  Prime contractors who purchase items
from subcontractors shall use the subcontractor's drawing number as the single
reference identification in all cases where the part(s) delineated thereon are
produced by the subcontractor.  The prime contractor shall not add his drawing
number to the drawing except as an unofficial reference outside the drawing
border or margin. Prime contractors who purchase semi-finished parts from subcon-
tractors for final production, test or selection phases in their own shops, have
the option of using as the single drawing identification either their own title
block and drawing number or the title block and drawing number of the subcon-
tractor, but not both.
3.6.4 Drawings of drivers and associated equipment shall be in accordance
with the specifications covering those equipments,
3.7 Technical manuals.
3.7.1 Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order (see 6.2.1),
technical manuals shall be furnished in accordance with the data ordering
document included in the contract or order (see 6.2.2). The modifications and
clarifications specified in 3.7.2 through 3.7.5 shall apply. A separate manual
shall be furnished for each different pump unit except in special cases when
manuals covering more than one pump may be approved.  Preliminary manuals shall
be submitted to the design review agency for approval and shall include all
proposed sections complete.  Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order
(see 6.2.1), manuals shall include pump, driver, controls and all appurtenances
and all applicable drawings.  Performance curves for final manuals may be
furnished as insert pages after delivery of hardware.

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