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Page Title: Endurance test acceptance criteria
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MIL-P-18682D(SH) The endurance test shall not be continuous but shall be inter-
rupted by at least three rest periods of a minimum of 8 hours each.  A minimum
of 100 starts at full line voltage shall be performed during the course of the
test.  The remainder of the endurance tests shall be run at maximum rated speed
and within plus 20F, minus OF of maximum specified liquid temperature. The
pump shall be operated at one-third, two-thirds, and rated capacity in approxi-
mately equal time intervals.  Operations at rated capacity shall be at minimum
specified net positive suction head available, or maximum specified auction
lift or vacuum, as applicable. The pump shall be monitored during the endurance test to
accurately record the conditions of operation, the capacity delivered, the
total head developed, the speed at which operated, and the general performance
observed.  Data shall be collected and the pump inspected at least twice per day
of operation.  For each periodic inspection, in addition to all measured data,
the record shall indicate the following:
Seal leakage rate and the amount of gland leakage collected
and drained by the collection area.
The conditions of the bearings (by audible noise; by feel;
and by bearing temperature via probe if the design includes
provisions for a probe, otherwise via a surface pryometer
on a normally exposed surface; no disassembly required).
The airborne noise level (normal-abnormal).
The vibration level (normal-abnormal).
The smoothness of operation (normal-abnormal).
All other abnormal findings.
All adjustments made.
Changes made in the conditions or method of operation.
(h)  Endurance test acceptance criteria.
Endurance test acceptance
criteria shall be as follows:
Head-capacity curve at maximum rated speed after 500 hours
of pump operation shall conform to the specification
requirements and shall show no abnormal deviations from
the curve before the 500-hour test.
Unit performance and operation after 500 hours of operation
shall be unchanged and normal and meet all specification
Unit operation at the end of the endurance test shall be
smooth and shall exhibit noise and vibration levels that
are normal and in conformance with the specification.
Lubrication shall have remained satisfactory throughout the
test period.  Bearing temperatures shall have remained
normal and shall be consistent with their respective
bearing clearances and oil and grease limitations.
Leakage rate from a mechanical shaft seal shall not exceed
five drops per minute.
Running clearances shall be normal.

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