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Page Title: Resilient mounts
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3.3.2 Mounts.  Purifiers shall be vertical and hard-mounted on a base plate
and furnished complete, ready for mounting directly to the deck of the ship
without the use of a pedestal, unless the use of resilient mounts is cited in the
specific acquisition (see Resilient mounts.  When specified in the contract or order (see
6.2), resilient mounts shall be provided in accordance with MIL-M-17508.
3.3.3 Frames.  Purifier frames shall be sufficiently rigid to permit
lifting, handling, shipment, and installation of the units on board ship without
disturbing the alignment of the assembled units, and so that the normal distor-
tion, weaving, or vibration of the supporting stricture on board ships will not
cause misalignment of rotating elements. Special handling p rovisions.  Special tools or fittings shall be
provided by the manufacturer for lifting all items weighing in excess of 16
kilograms (35 pounds).
3.3 4 Brakes.
Purifiers shall be equipped with bowl brakes.
3.3.5 Bearings.  Purifier bowl spindle bearings shall be ball bearings.
Other bearings may be of the sliding contact or rolling contact types.  Double row
bearings and bearing sets are prohibited unless they are the self-aligning type. Ball bearings,  Ball bearing installation and lubrication shall be
in accordance with FF-B-171 for surface ships.  For submarines and low noise
surface ship applications, bearings shall be in accordance with MIL-B-17931,
except bearings operating at speeds greater than 3600 revolutions per minute
(r/min) need only meet the vibration requirements of MIL-B-17931. Bearing
assemblies shall meet the vibration requirements of MIL-B-17931.
3.3.6 Lubricants.  Lubricants used for purifier operation, assembly, and
maintenance, except high speed (above 3600 r/rein) sealed bearings, shall be
selected from those standard lubricants listed in MIL-HDBK-267.  Commercial
lubricants may be used for sealed bearings operating above 3600 r/min.
3.3.7 Piping and valves.  Connections to ship's piping shall be flanged.
Flange size, rating, specification, and surface finish for piping connections
shall be as specified (see 6.2).
Purifier valves, flanges, bolting, gaskets,
fittings,  and piping shall conform to MIL-STD-777 for surface ship applications
and MIL-STD-438 for submarine applications (see 6.2).
3.3.8 Prime water connections.  A connection shall be provided on purifiers
for purifier bowl prime.  Prime water will be provided from the ships potable
water system.
3.3 9 Drain connections.
Connections shall be provided for casing or funnel
drains as applicable,
3.3.10 Flow adjustment.  Purifiers shall be equipped with a means of
adjusting the oil or fuel flow rate.

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