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Page Title: Resubmission for shock testing
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4.6.11 Vibration test.  The sample unit shall be subjected to the type I and
II environmental and mechanical vibration requirements of MIL-STD-167-1
frequency range for type I vibration shall be as specified in the contract or
order (see 6.2).
4.6.12 Noise test.
The purifier shall be noise tested as follows. Airborne noise test.  The sample purifier shall be tested in
accordance with MIL-STD-740-l and shall meet the performance requirements
specified in 3.4.6, Structureborne noise test.  When specified in the contract or order
(see 6.2), every completely assembled purifier shall be tested in accordance with
MIL-STD-740-2 and shall meet the performance requirements specified in 3.4.6.
4 6.13 Shock tests.  The sample unit shall be subjected to the high impact
grade A, type A shock test specified in MIL-S-901.  The test shall be class I or
class II in accordance with MIL-S-901 as specified in the contract or order (see
6.2 and 6.11)
4,6. 13.1 Resubmission for shock testing
Equipment previously accepted will
not be resubmitted for shock test, except when evidence of low shock resistance
develops in the units installed
The contracting activity will initiate action
with the contractor for correction of deficiencies, and may require shock tests at
any time.
4.6.13 2 Shock testing with drivers
Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2),
the test purifiers shall be shock tested with drivers
Purifiers shock tested
with one driver will not be required to be shock tested again when supplied with a
different shock qualified driver,
Drivers are subject. to shock tests in accor-
dance with the applicable equipment specifications. Failure criteria.  A purifier shall be considered to have failed
the shock test in the event of any of the following
(a) Breakage of any part, including mounting bolts.
(b) Appreciable distortion or dislocation of any part, such as a
shaft, mounting feet, bearing (except for anti-friction bearing
brinelling),  or other part which would render the unit unusable
in an emergency
(c)  A mechanical imbalance of more than two times the amplitude of
balance measured prior to test at rated speed
(d) The purifier cannot be restarted or does not exhibit acceptable
performance as specified in 4 6 5
4.6.14 Electromagnetic Interference.  The purifier shall be tested as
specified in MIL-STD-462, to determine conformance to 3 4 7
4.7  Inspection of packaging,
Sample packages and packs, and the inspection
of the preservation, packing and marking for shipment and storage shall be in
accordance with the requirements of section 5 and the documents specified therein

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