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Page Title: Contractor installed components
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Stainless steel sheets shall conform to ASTM A 167.
3.2.3 Steel, stainless.
3.3 Design and construction.  The design and construction for the printing
plant shall be as specified herein, and as shown on the drawings listed on
drawing 6-1-7500.  Each shelter shall be equipped by the contractor with heating
and cooling air conditioner system, forced feed water system and electric power
distribution system for 120/220 volts, alternating current, single phase, 4 wire
power source.  All wiring shall be in accordance with the provisions of NFPA No.
70.  The noise levels within the printing plant shall meet the limits specified
in MIL-STD-1474 and where practical, shall not exceed 85 decibels A-weighted at
personnel positions (see 4,3.6).  If the noise level exceeds 85 decibels A and
reducing the noise level is not practical, noise caution signs per MIL-STD-1474
shall be posted on equipment and at work stations that exceed 85 decibels A.
The duplicating machine shall be modified to include the color press and shall
produce network as Shown on drawing 6-1-5889 which is in register.
3,4 Performance.
3.4.1 Sight levels.  The printing plant lateral and longitudinal  sight
levels mounted on the exterior of each shelter, shall be positioned and set
parallel to the shelter floor surface in accordance with drawings 6-1-7501 and
7531.  When tested as specified in 4.3.1, the position of the vial bubble of the
test level shall correspond with the lateral and longitudinal sight levels.
3.4.2 Water tightness.  The printing plant shall show no evidence of leakage
when tested as specified in 4.3.2.
3.4.3 Printing plant operation.  All electrically operated equipment,
including switches, lights, telephone, binding posts, heating and air
conditioning systems, and water supply and drainage system shall function as
specified when tested for performance and roadability as specified in 4.3.3 and
3.5 Finish.  Finish requirements shall conform to the following except as
otherwise specified on the drawings.
3.5.1 Shelters, interior.  All surfaces of the interior of each shelter shall
be cleaned and rehabilitated, when necessary to restore the original color and
finish. Contractor installed components.  All surfaces of contractor
installed components shall be prepared and primed (see,1 and 3.5,1.1.2)
and enameled (see on all surfaces visible after installation and
during use, with exceptions as follows:
Components identified by brand name, or equal, shall not be further
finished providing such components have received the manufacturer's
final applied enamel or plated finish,

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