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Page Title: Operating supplies
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MIL-P-43155F(GL) Gross weight.  The gross weight, in pounds, of each completed shelter
shall be noted on each side of the shelter by means of l-inch high, white
painted numerals.  Location shall be 6 to 8 inches from the top and 15 to 17
inches from the forward edge of each side of the shelter.  The legend "GROSS
WEIGHT LBS." shall be similarly painted in l-inch characters, adjacent to the
weight marking. Blackout buzzer.  The blackout buzzer pushbutton adjacent to the
entrance door shall be identified by means of an aluminum plate permanently
attached directly above the blackout buzzer pushbutton.  The plate size shall be
as shown on the applicable drawing.  The notation "BLACKOUT WARNING" shall be
engraved or indented and the characters filled with red enamel. Center of balance and sling points, Each exterior wall of the
shelters shall have a white painted l-inch wide vertical line 3 inches long,
located at the center of balance.  At the door end, the line shall commence 14
inches above the skid bottom.  The line shall commence 2 feet above the skid
bottom on the remaining three sides. The legend "CENTER OF BALANCE, LOADED"
shall be similarly painted immediately above the vertical line in l-inch
letters.  When tested as specified in 4.3.5, the actual balance point and the
painted lines shall coincide. Forklift warning.  Forklift warning "DO NOT FORKLIFT", shall be
indicated on all four sides of the shelter in the center near the base, using 2-
inch white painted letters.
3.6.2 Circuit breakers, electric.  Each circuit breaker within the load
center assembly panel shall be identified by means of a plastic or metal plate
permanently lettered to identify the circuit serviced.  The lettered plate shall
be mechanically secured within the circuit breaker panel box in a location
clearly identifying each circuit breaker.
3.7 Operating supplies.  Operating supplies shall be furnished by the
contractor, when specified (see 6.2).
3.8 Government furnished propert y (GFP) and contractor furnished property.
The GFP indicated in table I will be furnished to the contractor by the
Government (see 6.2), and shall be a part of the printing plant. The contractor
furnished property shall be in accordance with table II.

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