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Page Title: Hydraulic seals
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3.4.3 Jig fixture. Each press shall be supplied with one jig fixture and
two adjustable work support members (see 3.5.7). The jig fixture and work support
members shall be reversible and adjustable to accept and straighten connecting
rods that are twisted 0 to 20, bent 0 to 8, and offset (both twisted and
bent) the same number of degrees.
3.5 Details of components.
3.5.1 Body.  The body shall be fabricated steel or cast iron with provisions
for mounting the oil reservoir and ram cylinder. The ram cylinder and reservoir
shall be of cast iron or cast steel and may be an integral unit or individual
units. At the option of the manufacturer, the body, oil reservoir, and ram
cylinder may be an integral iron or steel casting. The cylinder bore finish shall
be sufficient to prevent leakage or seepage when subjected to the proof load of
3.4.2. The body shall be constructed to provide for a space that is not less than
a three inch opening between the jig fixture and work support members when the
press is in a fully open position. Provision shall be made for bench mounting the
3.5.2 Ram.  The ram piston shall be fabricated of either steel or cast iron
and shall be finished on its circumference to a surface finish sufficient to
prevent leakage or seepage when the press is subjected to the proof-load of
3.4.2. Means shall be incorporated to prevent over-travel of the ram piston. The
ram shall be provided with a rapid hydraulic advance to close the gap and a
manually operated rod to open this gap.
3.5.3 Hydraulic seals. The hydraulic ram shall have those seals necessary
to retain pressure without leakage and without creating friction on the ram. The
seals shall be comparable with the hydraulic fluid used (see 3.7.2).
3.5.4 Hydraulic pump.  A manually actuated hydraulic pump shall be provided
to maintain the rated capacity of the press. The hydraulic pump shall constitute
a closed hydraulic system.
3.5.5 Pressure gage(s).  A dial type hydraulic pressure gage(s), not less
than two inches in diameter with screw on bezel, conforming to ANSI B40.1, grade
B construction, shall, be connected to the hydraulic cylinder of the press. The
gage(s) shall be located in full view of the press operator. The total range of
the gage(s) shall be O to 15 tons. The dial shall be provided with a dual scale
marked to indicate tons of ram force or pounds of ram force and pressure per
square inch of hydraulic pressure. The allowable error in indicated force or
pressure shall be two percent of the scale range for the middle half of the scale
and three percent for each end quarter of the scale. Pressure relief hole(s)
shall be provided in the back of the gage case(s).
3.5.6 Relief valve. An adjustable overload relief valve, set to function at
not less than 12.5 tons and not more than 14.5 tons, shall be connected to the
hydraulic pressure chamber and arranged to discharge into the oil reservoir. The
relief valve adjustment mechanism used shall be the type that shall require
special access or adjustment techniques that the press operator will not have
readily available.
3.5.7 Jig fixture and work support members. A reversible and adjustable jig
fixture and two adjustable work support members shall be provided (see 3.4.3).
These parts shall be fabricated of steel which has been hardened and drawn to
withstand all operating stresses without distortion or failure, when subjected to
the proof load requirements specified in 3.4.2.

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