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Page Title: High-pressure resistance
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is held open an independant. "automatic" slide or bolt stop mechanism.
After firing the last shot from the pistol, the slide shall lock aUtO-
matically inthe open (rearward) position.
3.2.10 Grips. The grips shall have a checkered, non-slip ex-
terior surface. Approved Inspection standards (see 3.1.1) shall be used
as standards for gripS for pistols to be supplied under the contract.
3.3 Performance.
3.3.1 Trigger pull. The trigger pull shall be free of creep and
within 2 1/4 pounds to 3 1/4 pounds. Creep shall be interpreted to mean
any detectable movement between the time positive resistance is met and
the firing mechanism is released. Testing shall be as specified in
3.3.2 High-pressure resistance. Pistols shall be capable of with-
standing the firing of one high-pressure cartridge developing a mean
breech pressure of 31,000 to 33,000 pounds per square inch. parts shall
be free of cracks, seams, and other injurious defects after proof-firing.
Testing shall be as specified in
3.3.3 Functioning. Pistols shall be capable of firing one fully
loaded magazine each (using the magazine furnished with the pistol) of
standard and high velocity9 caliber .22, long rifle, commerical cart-
ridges conforming to MIL-C-46935 without malfunctions, broken or un-
serviceable parts, ruptured or punctured cartridge cases, loose grips,
loose screws, or other unacceptable conditions. Five rounds shall be
fired within e time period of 1.5 seconds. Testing shall be as speci-
fied in A.S.3.2.
3.3.4 Targeting and accuracy. At a range of 15 yards a series of
five shots shall fall within or cut the edge of a three inch diameter
circle centered on the point of aim for targeting. At a range of 15
yards a series of five shots shall fall within or cut the edge of a
one-half inch diameter circle for accuracy. Cartridges used for target-
ing and accuracy shall be standard velocity, caliber .22, long rifle,
commercial cartridges conforming to MIL-c-46935. With the front and rear
sight centered on the axis of the barrel and receiver within .025 inch,
the rear sight shall be capable of being zeroed to the pistol at a range
of 15 yards and have an additional 2.4 inches of adjustment in both the
horizontal and vertical plane from the center of the impact area. Test-
ing shall be as specified in

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