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Page Title: Collimation, Pre-Vibration setting
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Disengagement of boresight knob locks - Daylight and Passive.-
Standard measuring equipment capable of measuring the force values speci-
fied in 3.5.4 shall be utilized for this test.  The force required to
dislodge each boresight knob from the lock position shall conform to the
appliable requirements of 3.5.4 for the temperatures indicated. Rotation of boresight knobs - Daylight and Passive.- Standard
torque measuring equipment capable of measuring the torque values specified
in 3.5.5 shall be utilized for this test. An appropriate adapter, to
accmmodate the boresight knobs shall be used with the torque measuring
equipment.  Torque shall be measured while rotating each foresight knob
through the range specifted in 3.5.5.  The running torgue required to
rotate each boresight knob shall conform to the appicable requirements
of 3.5.5 for the temperature indicated. Shutter Lever and on-off switch - Passive.- Standard torque
measuring equipment capable of measuring the torque values specified in
3.5.6 shall be utilized for this test.  The torque required to rotate the
shutter lever from the off to on position and then back to the off posi-
tion shall conform to the applicable requiremeents of 3.5.6 for the tem-
peratures indicated. Gain adjust and reticle brightness control- Passive.-
Manual operate the knob MS 91528-0E1B.  The knob shall meet the require-
ments specified in 3.5.7, at the temperatures indicated in 3.4.2 in addi-
tion to the standard ambient temperature (+60 to +90F). Periscopes
which have-passed the above tests of through inclusive
shall be subjected to the tests in 4.6.3.
4.6.3 Vibration (Periscope). Collimation, Pre-Vibration setting.- This test and the foll-
owing test of shall be performed with the periscope positioned
and-adjusted as in 4.6.6.  While viewing through each periscope eyepiece
(daylight and passive), obtain coincidence of each periscope reticle bore-
sight cross respectively, and the projected target image cross-lines by
means of the boresight-knobs (do not slip knob scales).  When coincidence
has been obtained, record the boresight knob scale settings for use in the
test in 4.6.
Insure that knob scales are not disturbed (re-slipped) from their
original recorded settings throughout remainder of tests herein. Vibration.- lnspection equipment capable of providing the
amplitude and frequency specified in 3.6 shall be utilized for the vibr-
tion test.  Unless otherwise specified, the test equipment shall be in
accordance with the "Test Facilities" requirements of MIL-F-13926. The
periscope shall be clamped on the vibrating equipment in its normal mount-
ing or operating position (as shown on Drawing F11727460) by means of an
appropriate adapter having the same interface features as Mount Periscope:
M119.  The vibration motion shall be in the vertical plane. During this
test, the elevation input arm shall be immobilized to any position that

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