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Page Title: Head assembly
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After each installation for repeatability of the passive collimation sett-
ings recorded in  The periscope shall meet the requirements specified
in, as measured-on the boresight knob scales.
6.4 Modules.- Subsequent to the examinations and tests on the
periscope, the head and body and elbow assemblies shall be separated and
separately subjected to the "post-vibration" requirements and tests speci-
fied in their respective module specifications identified in 3.1. Subese-
quent to meeting the respective module specification post-vibration re-
quirments and tests, the head, body and elbow assemblies shall be examined
and tested in-accordance-with 4.6.5 to determine conformance to cleanliness
as specified in 3.7.
4.6.5 Cleanliness.- Each separate assebly (see 4.6.4) shall be sub-
jected to the tests in, and respectively, to de-
termine compliance with 3.7. Body assembly (daylight).- The optical surfaces of the body.
assembly shall be visually examined with the unaided eye. While viewing
through-each end of them module, inspection for defects-shall be made by
the technique of shadowing.- While viewing-through the eyepiece, inspec-
tion for dirt shall be made by viewing a uniformly illuminated field hav-
ing a brightness of approximately 300 apparent foot candles. The body
assembly (daylight) shall conform to the requirements of 3.7a and 3.7b(l). Elbow assembly (passive).- The image intensifier tube shall
be de-energized for this portion of the test. With a light source held
close to the object window and the eyelens, view the glass components
of the elbow assembly to determine compliance with the Cleanliness require-
ments of 3.7a. Upon suceessful completion of this portion of the test,
energize the image intensifier tube from power source capable of supply-
ing and maintaining 24 volts DC. The image tube shall be permitted a
stabilization period of 15 seconds prior to performing the cleanliness
test. Subsequent to the tube stabilization period, obtain best focus of
the phosphor grain on the screen of the image tube adjustment of the
eyepiece diopter ring. The screen surface of the image tube shall then
be visually inspected for cleanliness in accordance with 3.7b(2) and shall
conform tO the requirements specified therein. "Cold" and "Hot" spots on
the screen surface of the image tube shall not be considered dirt. Head assembly.- The optical surfaces of the head assembly
shall be inspected for cleanliness with the unaided eye.  While viewing
through each end of the module, inspection for defects shall be made by
the technique of shadowing.  While viewing through the exit window, in-
spection for dirt shall be made by viewing the illuminated field specified
in The head assembly shall conform to the requirements of 3.7e
and 3.7b(3).
4.6.6 Performance.- To determine compliance with 3.8 the following
tests shall be performed with the complete periscope positioned on the
special test equipment specified in  Unless otherwise speci-
fied during these tests, the image intensifier tube and the reticle pro-
jector lamp shall be energized; the Passive focusing Ring 11733436 shall
be adjusted for best focus of the target image after the diopter adjust-
ment knob of the passive eyepiece is set for best focus of the phospher

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