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Page Title: First Article Ballistic Testing
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MIL-P-60335C (MU)
e.  Twenty-five (25) painted and pinned projectile
loading assemblies assembled with inert loaded illuminant
loading assemblies (suggested filler:  sand laminac to simulate
candle weight).
f.  Fifteen (15) completely loaded projectile loading
assemblies, pinned, painted and marked.
The parts and assemblies shall have been produced by the
contractor, or furnished by a supplier, using the same
production processes, procedures and equipment (except for
the inerted candles) as will be used in fulfilling the contract.
All parts and materials, including packaging and packing, shall
be obtained from the same source of supply as will be used
in regular production.  Prior to submission, the contractor
shall Inspect the sample to the degree necessary to assure that
it conforms to the requirements of the contract and submit a
record of this inspection with the sample, including certificates
of analysis for materials and statements of findings for all
inspections and tests performed (See 6.11).  A sample containing
known defects will not be submitted unless specifically authorized
by the Contracting Officer.  A first article sample, or portion
thereof, as directed by the contracting officer, shall also be
submitted whenever there is a lapse In production for a period
in excess of 90 days or whenever a change occurs in manufacturing
process, material used, drawing or specification such as to
significantly affect product uniformity as determined by the
4.2.2 Inspections to be performed. -Assemblies and components
will be subjected by the Government to any or all of the
examinations or tests specified in 4.3.2 and 4.3.3 of this
specification and any or all requirements of the applicable
drawings.  In addition, the twenty-five inert loaded projectile
loading assemblies and fifteen loaded illuminant assemblies
will be subjected to first article ballistic testing as specified
in paragraphs and of this specification.
4.2.3 First Article Ballistic Testing Metal parts security .-Twenty-five (25) of the
projectile metal parts shall be tested as shown in the phases in
Table I.  All of the projectiles shall be Inert loaded to service
weight and will be fired from a weapon for which the projectile
Is standard.  The propellant charge will be adjusted to obtain
from 109 to 115 percent (%) of the propellant upper pressure limit
at the Charge 4 zone.  Dummy or inert fuzes shall be used on all
of the metal parts security and recovery test rounds.  Pressure
data shall be taken for each round fired,

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