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Page Title: Static functioning test
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MIL-P-60335C (MU)
4.4.2 Static functioning test.-In calculating the
candle power of any one illuminant assembly, the best
continuous thirty-two seconds of illuminometer readings
(at 5-second Intervals when an automatic recorder is not
used) are to be used.  The first fire disc assemblies shall
be removed prior to testing.  The static test shall be conducted
In accordance with the procedures and equipment specified In
paragraph 4.3.4.  The distance from the photometric cell to
the flare shell shall be 60.00 .25 feet. The axial center
of the photometric cell and the axial center of the fireball
shall be located 54.0 .5 inch from the floor.  The temporary
back wall listed on dwg. 9201136 shall be removed so that the
distance from the center of the candle to the back Wall is 15
feet. The value recorded for candlepower for each candle tested
shall be adjusted by adding 150,000 candles.  The adjusted value
shall be used to determine compliance with the requirements
specified.  The center line of baffle opening shall be in line
with axial center of fireball and axial center of photometric cell.
4.4.3 Pull test of assemblies.-The pull test shall be
conducted in accordance with the procedure and equipment
specified in 4.3.4.  Only brazed body tube assemblies (See
dwg. 9207530), crimped body tube assemblies (See dwg. 9227391)
and rolled body tube assemblies (See dwg. 9230117) passing test
may be returned to the lot.
Hardness tests Two Rockwell B hardness readings (approximately
180 degrees apart) shall be taken on the outside surface of the
tail cone as shown in 4.3.4.  The resultant readings shall be
averaged to determine conformance with the requirement specified.
Test equipent and procedures used shall be in accordance with
Mthd ASTM E18 of Federal Standard 151 and 4.3.4. Hardness readings for carburized tail cones.-The
25 sample assemblies shall be sectioned in half along the axis
of the cone.  A total of four hardess readings shall be taken
per tail cone section on the Internal case only. The locations
for the readings are as follows:
a. Two readings are to be taken at distances of
approximately one inch arc length from each end of one of the
exposed sections and at a distance of not more than 1/2 inch
from the edge of the coupling but not on the coupling.

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