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Page Title: Dimensional control of molded parts
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4.4.3 Testing.  Testing is described in the First Article and
Quality Conformance Inspection Tables and below.
4.4.4 Inspection equipment.  The inspection equipment required
to perform the examination and tests prescribed herein is identified
in the tables beginning with paragraph  The Contractor
shall submit inspection equipment designs for approval in accordance
with the terms of the Contract.  See section 6 of MIL-A-48078 and
section 6.3 herein.
4.4.5 Dimensional control of molded parts.  In place of normal
sampling and inspections associated with the Classification of
Defects, and after a curing time for the parts has been approved
(See Note 1).  The Contractor may, with the approval of the
Government, select a sample of three (3) parts (as molded) from each
cavity to be fully inspected dimensionally (all dimensions on
drawing) to qualify a new or reworked cavity for use in production.
The molded parts shall carry the individual cavity identification.
As a control of each cavity during production, the above quantity of
parts from each cavity shall be inspected for at least the defects
listed in after continuous production of each 5,000 parts or
at the end of each week, whichever occurs first.  of the three (3)
samples, one (1) sample shall be the last part produced.  If any
defective parts are found during qualification of the cavity, the
cavity producing the defective part will not be used in production.
If any defective parts are found when inspection is performed for
the control of the cavity, the cavity producing the defective part
shall be removed from production.  Further, that portion of
production since the last control check shall be returned to the
contractor for inspection for each separate type of defect according
to MIL-STD-105, using an AQL of 0.40 percent for each major defect
and an AQL of 0.65 percent for each minor defect.  All cavities
removed from production because of some fault, may after reworking,
be returned to production providing they pass the qualification test
above.  Tune contractor may request a change of inspection frequency
providing he presents objective evidence to the contracting officer
to substantiate the request.  Contractor design of gages and test
equipment required to perform the inspections listed herein shall be
forwarded to Commander, AMCCOM, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey
07806-5000, ATTN:  AMSMC-QAT-I (D) for approval prior to manufacture
of equipment.  The noted subparagraphs identify those items and
minimum inspections subject to the requirements of this paragraph.
NOTE 1:  In establishing a curing time, dimensionally check ten (10)
parts from each cavity at periodic intervals (e.g. every 30, 60 etc.
mins.) until dimensional stability is attained.  The curing time
will be from the time the part comes out of the mold until
dimensional stability is attained.  The inspection data used in
determining the curing time shall be sent to AMCCOM, Picatinny
Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000, ATTN:  AMSMC-QAT-M (D). When a new
cavity is substituted, an old cavity reworked, or the material or
cycle time changed, a new curing time shall be established and

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